Mexico Entry Requirements

By | October 22, 2021

is a general requirement for traveling to Mexico. The passport (or the provisional passport) should be valid for another 6 months upon entry, but it must be valid for at least the duration ofStay to be valid. A return or onward ticket is required for entry by plane.

For tourist trips in Mexico up to a maximum of 6 months, citizens of EU countries and the Switzerland no visa. Here the tourist card replaces a visa.

For business trips with a maximum stay of 6 months in Mexico, technicians and fitters from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, among others, do not need a visa.

However, if tools are imported into Mexico or contracts are concluded in Mexico, a visa is required. When entering and leaving the country, detailed written evidence of the tools concerned (including details of the model, brand and serial number) is required.

A visa is also required if you want to start work in Mexico.

card (FMT): The tourist card is issued for tourists and business travelers. In principle, this tourist card can be issued for a 90-day stay in Mexico, but often only 30 days are entered. Therefore, pay attention to the period of validity when entering the country so as not to experience any unpleasant surprises when leaving the country. You can apply to the Instituto Nacional de Migraciòn for an extension of the length of stay up to 6 months

According to Franciscogardening, the free tourist card can be obtained from consulates in Mexico, at border crossings and from the airline during the flight. It is valid for one entry and must be stamped when entering Mexico.

The Mexican immigration authorities reserve the right to request evidence that the stay in Mexico is exclusively tourist or is part of a business trip (without importing tools or concluding a contract). In addition, sufficient funds may have to be proven.

The tourist card must be validated by the authorities when leaving Mexico.

It may happen that when entering overland from the USA that tourist cards are not stamped by the Mexican authorities. If this happens, you can get the stamp (e.g. on presentation of a bus ticket) at the Instituto Nacional de Migración.


Tourists are not allowed to pursue other activities in Mexico. It is also not possible for tourists in Mexico to change the purpose of the visa at a later date (e.g. for gainful employment). This must be applied for outside of Mexico.

Humanitarian workers and employees of non-governmental organizations require a special residence permit. This must be applied for via the Mexican representations at the Ministry of the Interior of Mexico (Gobernación, Dept. Instituto Nacional de Migración) before entering the country.

If you are planning to stay or work in Mexico for a longer period of time, it is best to contact the Mexican embassy or consulate general before you travel (see Mexico – important addresses).

travelers who would normally require a visa do not need a transit visa if they do not leave the transit area, continue their flight with the next connection within 24 hours and can present valid onward or return travel documents.


Business visa: a passport that is still valid for at least 6 months – an application form – two passport photos – an original letter from the German company with precise information on the purpose and duration of the trip with confirmation of cost coverage and the exact address of the Mexican company to be visited (in Spanish) – an original letter of invitation from Mexican business partner, stating the purpose and duration of the trip and assures that the traveler will continue to be employed in his country of residence and will continue to be paid from this country (in Spanish) – a detailed list (in English or Spanish) of the items to be brought to Mexico (tools, etc.) etc., these items must be carried out again).


Consulates or consular departments of the Mexican embassies (see Mexico – important addresses). However, Mexico pays very close attention to consular district ties: the visa application must be submitted to the consulate that is responsible for the domicile of the sending company.

Entry with children:
For accompanying children, the same visa requirements apply as for their parents. Children and young people therefore need their own tourist card. They must also be mentioned on the parents’ tourist card.

Minors traveling in Mexico without a parent need a notarized declaration of consent from their parents or guardians when leaving Mexico. This declaration of consent can be issued by a Mexican diplomatic mission or a notary. If the notary is German, the declaration must be accompanied by an official translation and an apostille.

Germany: children’s own passport, the German child’s identity card is not accepted.

Austria: children need their own passport.

Switzerland: children need their own passport.

Adequate Funds:
Foreign visitors must have sufficient funds to travel to Mexico. Vaccinations:

You can find detailed information on recommended and required vaccinations for traveling in Mexico in the chapter Mexico – Health and Diseases.

Entry with pets:
A health certificate that is not more than 5 days old must be present when importing all animals. Dogs and cats also need a rabies vaccination certificate, and an import permit from the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture is required to import birds.

Mexico Entry Requirements