Miss Agnes in the Skin of Anna Wintour

by | September 24, 2016

Miss Agnes definitely takes its role of investigative journalist very seriously. After performing with Loïc Prigent a report on the real life of Anna Wintour, the sparkling fashion analyst did not hesitate to blend into the skin of the editor of Vogue, the time of a parade…

Even perfect blow dry, even opulent coat … the resemblance is uncanny (at a distance anyway…), and many have seen only the fire. It will, however, was a few details, such as the sexiest shoes than usual and draws less rigid than usual, to put a flea in the ear of most observers.

In addition, the opening of Alber Elbaz show, Ms. Wintour was en route to the airport … while being present at the same time the Quai Branly. Unless the latter has the gift of ubiquity – which would a priori not displease him, given his busy schedule – we could then think that Anna Wintour had indeed made impersonate.

If mystification shocks American journalists covering the Lanvin show, the approach of Miss Agnes – more than sophomoric mocking – made smile many small Frenchies. For if the journalist has grimée and played the game the time of the show, she quickly became an Anna Wintour incommensurate with his model. His spontaneous and cheerful nature has thus taken the top at the end of the festivities, and if she operated a flash output worthy of the original, it is immediately returned to chat with his girlfriend Carine Roitfeld.

This has the strong appreciate the joke itself having paid tribute in 2007 to its US counterpart by devoting a photo shoot in Vogue France, where a model embodied Wintour. Tongue-in-cheek, the two women are not devoid of humor, which, in an often pretentious world, is more than refreshing…