Miu Miu Fashion Show – Fall-Winter 2008-2009

by | September 27, 2016

Among the great houses of ready-to-wear luxury, who can still afford to live at their own pace, without taking a second the temperature of the air? Who can propose collections without struggling with generating £ trends? Who can believe in the strength of his name to the point of playing Russian roulette in each of his presentations? To these questions, one answer: Prada.

Miu Miu (second line of Prada) is allowed again this season to challenge any trend analysis may have been done specialists during this month of fashion weeks. The prevailing mood is the severity, sometimes diverted to classicism, returning from a moral order? Never mind, the collection of Miuccia Prada plays the impertinent, the stretchers around in circles.

While satins, chiffons, tartans, lengths knees and other chaste scarves draw in others a wisely seventies silhouette, Miu Miu is the future and the new advanced technologies that shape his collection directly departing for 2020. Ready to dive into the depths of interstellar a virtual battle, the models were dressed in outfits worthy of the most resistant neoprene suits captain Cousteau.

On the podium, the colors think in color block (in direct continuity of postmodern nineties looks), while cyclists are covered with lace cored and more Fifth Element that Queen Victoria. As the satin when it creeps into android locker room, it is modeled minimalist cuts and inclusive raging on the catwalk.

In the end, it will be a practical woman aspirations, desires and visionary SF pace that will appear during the commissioning of these uniforms Barjavel release. Note however that if the shapes of the silhouettes blur to the point of eliminating the different morphologies, held each is marked with the initials of the wearer. In other words, at Miu Miu, modernity does not mean loss of identity…