Nail News – Anny Led One Step… Ready! In The Test

Heard from her hungry Lackaffen, there is again something new. ANNY has started just a small revolution in the Polish market: ‘ LED one step … Ready! “is the latest prank, which 30 seconds with the help of LED Licht hardens and then set flashes on the finger and shines and Aur. So anyway, the theory – we have one step ready tool kit tried.

But let’s just rewind: we’re talking about nail polish for the impatient Pookums among us who wish to bring their nails in tip-top condition while they lubricate fully the breakfast sandwiches with jam. The focus is quite clear: speed nails in perfection. So. But now:

And here the hard facts?

Dry in 30 seconds tip top without base coat without topcoat a smooth nail surface keeps hot until 7 days shines as 1000 stars in the firmament casts gel kess scratch-resistant in 30 colors

But how exactly to do that now?

Step 1 preparation: with the “Anny Prep ´ n clean nail cleanser” and liberate the nail a cotton wool pad of fat.

Step 2 brushes: apply a thin layer of favorite paint – my dark purple here means “No. “054 – my new style” – please very well sure, make sure that the nail tip is sealed with

Step 3 drying: keep the nails 30 seconds under the LED Licht

Step 3.1. Another round lacquer: who wants yet another layer can apply varnish

Step 4 Remove: intended wraps in “GET RID OF IT LED remover” soak and wrap around the nail – wait 5-10 minutes and deposits, which remove the wood pusher

That’s in the Starter Kit:

LED light to GET RID OF IT LED remover PREP’N CLEAN nail cleanser mannycure file mannycure stick aluminum of foil removal wraps

Scalamaris 3 extra-Superschlau tips:

Tip 1: If you take care of it, that the nail before really well with the “Anny Prep’n clean nail cleanser” has been degreased, virtually nothing can go wrong.

Tip 2: me it happened one time, that the lacquer front withdraw something – this is due to the humidity. Most prefer only one after the other finger brush and let the lamp under the LED.

Tip 3: don’t panic, when the end to remove the layer of sweat with the “Anny Prep ´ n clean nail cleanser” a little color into the cotton lands, this is normal and is.

Bottom line:

For me that sometimes write SMS: “on my way” but still in the tub hangs the ANNY is “LED one step … Ready!” a real gold coating. Where I otherwise regularly, managed to ruin my fresh nails in the rooting in the Pocket, again completely in the rush of Speedy Gonzales of the coatings in the game coming up. Tough set, fancy purple LED thanks to light. After the first attempt, you have the knack. Promised.

– in friendly cooperation with ANNY –


BEAUTY // Nagelnews – ANNY LED ONE STEP…READY! im Test …

BEAUTY // Nagelnews – ANNY LED ONE STEP...READY! im Test ...