Nauru Religion and Languages

By | March 5, 2021


Of the Naurus population, about 5,300 are natives. The migrants, most of the phosphate mining workers, came from mainly Kiribati and Tuvalu but also from Hong Kong, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. Only natives can be citizens of Nauru. Settlement is possible only on the narrow coastal strip, where a number of communities exist. No cities in Nauru.

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According to Countryaah, the official language and majority language is Nauru, an Austronesian language. English is also used.


The small nation is dominated by Christianity, even though the churches and especially the cultural specialty have been given a reduced importance with the rapidly emerging material wealth. The Congregationalist church comprises 2/3 of the population, while the Roman Catholic comprises 1/3. The first missionaries came in 1899 from the nearby Congregationalist Church in Kiribati. The Catholic Church was introduced at about the same time by Europeans. The development of the churches has been closely linked to the changing colonial powers and their phosphate companies.