Parades Autumn / Winter 2008-2009 in Paris

by | September 22, 2016

Paris, equal to itself, has delivered strong shows, in full stylistic reflection where many tracks have been launched. Some escape to the Haute Couture or experiencing a super-futuristic vision of our dressing room, while others are likely to ultra minimalism. The trends that emerged from these presentations are uncompromising and somewhat easygoing but sophisticated as we like…

Red and gray

The silhouettes of the two previous seasons, keen on shades, are still present. However, juveniles and pepsy colors give way to a dramatically glamorous palette, where femininity is a big deal people. Between all-over carmine in each upsurge of gray for others, the season colorama claims to be serious.

Dior and Celine considering each in their own way the glowing total look:

  • Galliano , drowned in a sixties revival, built a hybrid holding Monroe / Onassis who, while wanting devilishly chic, seems to have been invented for the heirs crazy to Paris Hilton.
  • Ivana Omazic, meanwhile, explores the tie-dye and affix it clean elegance to Celine, while giving it an urban Tinkerbell nature absolutely delectable. Whether mini-legged or in diaphanous chiffon, Scarlet 2009 is possessive and despotic reign of the outfits he dresses.

If the gray recurrence, his pale monotony is more casual service. Indeed, for the next winter, he became the chair rail heavy cuts and uncompromising concepts.

  • Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton says what he whispered in her New York shows, pushing to the extreme its tribute to the 80s graphics, sleek, sharp and incisive, these lines from a past not far enough for retro earn – under the leadership of Mr. Jacobs – legitimacy fashion.
  • Viktor and Rolf deliver their version of one of the musts of the season (the man’s suit) who under the leadership of German duo widens, blurs and bends for better flare, becoming more feminine than male.

In 2009, red and gray is no longer wear inadvertently. These colors are generating empirical choice and neo-elegance fantastic timeline, and need to be enhanced by more women Hilary Betty Boop.

Slim leather

Last winter was undoubtedly that of tregging, a neologism illustrating a mutant legging , addicted to the new material. However, after an avalanche of lamé, silver and other elastanes of fantasies, is the leather version of the acclaimed creators. Farewell and the cheap imitation, it’s a stretch to Jitrois leather that we should entrust our gams.

  • At Balmain , the slim leather slim that interprets a rock and roll score luxury. No frills, more than Kate Moss Courtney Love, he wants casual (almost goes everywhere), showing false modesty probative, as its star nature is obvious.
  • Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy does not leave his Gothic / chic register, which makes the house one of the darlings of Carine Roitfeld. By combining his leather pants and a coat necklaces higher bid, he manages to make his furiously elegant silhouette, preventing him from diving into the horrors of the quote “Marilyn Manson”.
  • Chez Michel Klein , leather is worn gaiters longuissimes, sleek and delicious on a mannequin grazing the 180 cm. However, we doubt that this creation can go down the street without being accused of passive soliciting …

Dangerous, but highly desirable, the ultra skinny leather is the Rolls in 2009 twigs. On the duo door with a mesh or XXL with a dark blazer, and still very high up…

Heroines postmodern

Before our disbelieving eyes, it was the fashion to become tomorrow than today? We are now at the heart of the world we described in Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles? If we decided to build on the SF side of some of the presentations, the answer would certainly be yes. Between protagonists of video games, the elegant and futuristic warrior Enki Bilal, the future seems to knock on our door.

  • At Miu Miu , sportswear dresses up town tailor, while the neoprene replaces fine woolens and young women, lost in an inhospitable universe, trying to exist by displaying their initials.
  • For his part, Nicolas Ghesquière continues to explore morphing seam. Looking to the future (but without forgetting the legacy of Cristobal Balenciaga ), he imagines sets where collide rigor, austerity, cerebral seduction and modernity, all in surprising harmony.
  • Rick Owens meanwhile is lost by delivering an experimental collection, which obviously can not emerge. Architectural without being flattering, its policy is to review, despite enroll in a futuristic logical trend

Like all strong looks, we hesitate to adopt them as is. It will take time and contemplate, wait to see the podium wearing out and think to break the established outfits to perhaps finally make them our own.

Color fusion

Extreme attracting extreme, it is not surprising that an unruly printed debauchery has responded to the ambient tailoring. Whether playful or classic, or innovative unlikely, the pictorial is not in half measures.

  • Birthday oblige, at Sonia Rykiel the joy of living is waiting for you. Revisiting scratches dear to his heart, the creative redhead had fun in the decline of oversize sweater sets / sticky. The result, both Parisian and child, offers addicts claw some candor preppy school very up-to-date.
  • Less action painting that __Dolce & Gabbana__ summer, the Lacroix toilets become crazy tables dresses colors. If the cut is classic wisely, her multicolored dress gives it a strong identity, both playful and glamorous.
  • The sandstone of a learned set of materials, Dries Van Noten likes to make unusual marriages between various graphics. These – spurred unprecedented combination – harmonize their differences, creating a whole certainly responsible, but surprisingly aesthetic.

According to these colorful flights from September it will be fashionable to grant some recreations vitamin, provided of course that they are 200% inspired. For if one dares to color this winter, it will be without reluctance and incongruous in fully assuming.

Games shoulders

Who would have thought that one day our shoulders would be the object of so much attention? Knuckles knotty, protruding or sometimes round, they are those body parts that we forget to celebrate, as they seem and accessories without interest. And yet, nothing more romantic than a slender shoulder escaping from a loose neckline … This winter, the creators decided to avenge this injustice by honoring the shoulders as it should.

Jean Paul Gaultier them and offer a neckline worthy of the name and made the stars of her dress, and that Anne Valerie Hash designs their architectural jewel encompassing smoothly, while propelling the “look of the keystone.” As for Martin Margiela, he covers his vestal various sails, leaving escape a thin patch of skin. The shoulder and focuses attention, revealing openly untied his grace.

Finally, we will retain the gloves covering his arm, while unveiling the flagship piece of our anatomy. And we think neckline shoulder and subtle seduction.

Regarding non mentioned trends, it is also noted that:

  • the little black dress is experimenting the short cuts by dévergondant contact Chanel transparency and silvery Lanvin.
  • Dior hats and Yves Saint-Laurent stretch the skull, giving the face a new center of gravity at least curious.
  • accessories made themselves less present than in the past.
  • Issey Miyake offers disposable clothing.
  • Fur does not lose ground and dares (under the fingers of JPG) will mix with fake fur…