Perhaps Not Can Have 40 Suits of Haute Couture, But Our Nancy, Yes (Thanks to This Collection)

by | June 25, 2017

The Nancy was the favorite doll of generations and generations of Spanish girls. There was no primary education generation girl who didn’t have one… or more. And dolls like whom, he likes to dress them. It became clear in the exhibition Nancy wears fashion, held in 2013 at the Museo del Traje. Now, Planeta de Agostini pulls out a collection that puts us long teeth, the age that we have. Because, because of the collection of dresses for Nancy’s great designers… our doll will have more clothes than us!

The collection will contain 40 deliveries, each of which consists of an informational booklet, a dress from a Spanish designer shoes to play and the corresponding authenticity certificate. Are ten Spanish designers participating in the collection: Roberto Verino, Ana Locking, Ailanto, Duyos, Devota & Lomba, Francis Montesinos, Hannibal Laguna, Ion Fiz, Juanjo Oliva and Roberto Torretta.

The first installment goes on sale for 4.99 euros; the second, by 9.99; and the remaining 38, by 17,99 Euro. Subscribers will receive also a Cabinet for fascicles and three dolls Nancy: a blonde, a brunette and a redhead. For 2.50 euros more from issue 4, also may be purchased 10 mannequins, hangers 30, 40 boxes of shoes and a wardrobe to save it all. The collection complete, therefore, around 800 euros, so It is time to decide if we a whim… or if we give it to our doll.