Popular Destinations in Morocco

By | May 13, 2022


Where to relax in Morocco, if not in the capital of the kingdom? It is a cultural, political and industrial center on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, with rich architecture, interesting sights and a unique oriental flavor.

  • ANDYEDUCATION: Introduction to education system in Morocco, including compulsory schooling and higher education.


The coastal areas here are among the best in Morocco. Slightly south of the capital are Skhirat and Temara, with hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. The waters here are safe. To the north of Rabat, you can visit the Beach of Nations, which is very long. It’s nice that next to it is the Garden of Exotic Plants, where you can hide from the heat of the day.

There is also a beach within the city, but it is always very noisy and crowded.


The main local attraction is the Kasbah of Udaya, which offers a wonderful view. Inside the citadel is the el-Atikva Mosque, the oldest in the capital.

You should definitely visit the medina – the old district, with mosques, a beautiful fountain and markets with unique souvenirs. Even in the capital there are symbols of the whole country – the mausoleum of Mohammed V and the Minaret of Hasan, as well as the palace of Dar el-Makhzen.

It is also very interesting to look at Shella – a former Roman colony, from which the remains of the wall, tombs, the Forum and the Capitol remained.

If you want a cultural holiday, you can go to the museums: Moroccan Art, Archeology, Folk Art, Crafts and Antiquities.

You can just take a walk in the numerous gardens and parks. The most popular place is the Andalusian Gardens, with cypresses and orange groves, as well as gazebos and fountains. You can ride the rides in the City Amusement Park. And with children, you should definitely go to the Zoo de Rabat.


The best place for shopping is the numerous local markets. The Tarik El-Marsa craft complex is also interesting, where handmade goods are sold. And in the village of El-Ulf you can buy clay products.

In addition to markets and colorful shops, there are several large shopping centers, supermarkets and jewelry stores, but the assortment is not very wide, so it’s better to focus on traditional oriental shopping.


The main center of beach and medical recreation, reminiscent of a Mediterranean European town, without the bright features of Eastern Muslim culture. Great place to relax and start sightseeing around the country.


If you are looking for where to relax in Morocco on the best beaches, then you should choose Agadir. In fact, there is only one beach here – the coast stretches for 6-10 kilometers and is divided between hotels. There are also free, public areas where all amenities will need to be rented.

The beach is well equipped, along the coast there are many shops, bars and cafes. There are opportunities for water sports, especially surfing, as well as football and volleyball on the sand.


There is no ancient architecture here, since in 1960 Agadir was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake. On a high hill, walls and gates from the fort of Santa Cruz de Cap de Gay remained. Tourists love to visit the huge Souq el-Had market and the colorful fish market with old ships. It is also worth visiting the Lubnan Mosque, Hope Square, the Municipal Museum and Mohammed V Boulevard.

Outside the city, you can visit the Paradise Valley Nature Reserve or the Souss-Massa Park.

The main attraction, of course, is the beach. For surfers, it even has a special Ecole de Kite-surf school. Once a year, water skiing tournaments are held here. There are opportunities for golf, horseback riding, camel riding and tennis.

If you like nightlife, then go to Le Mirage casino or Le Central or Flamingo nightclub. Well, for relaxation and treatment, you can visit the French thalassotherapy center.


Buying traditional souvenirs and delicacies is at the Agadir Souk market. There are also many antique and souvenir shops. If you want more European shopping, you can walk along the coast, where there are boutiques and fashion stores, or go to the outskirts, to the Marzhan supermarket.


You can diversify your vacation in Morocco by visiting the town of Chefchaouen, which is interesting in all respects, or Chefchaouen, as the locals call it. This place has been recognized as an open-air museum more than once, since almost all of its houses are painted in dozens of shades of blue and blue, thanks to a tradition born by fugitive Jews who once gave the city its unique look.


It can be unmistakably said that the whole of Chefchaouen is one big attraction where you can walk for hours, marveling not only at the unique medieval architecture, but also at the exemplary cleanliness on the streets, which has been repeatedly set as an example to other Moroccan cities.

Most of the key objects for sightseeing are located in the Medina – the old part of the city, and these are:

  • Grand Mosque
  • Ethnographical museum
  • Fortress Quarter Kasbah
  • The source of Ras al-Ba

Going for a walk around the fortress quarter, be sure to make a few stops on the local terraces. Since the city was built on the side of a mountain, the terraces can be considered as observation platforms from where a picturesque view of the rest of the ancient city opens.


As in most Moroccan cities, Chefchaouen boasts a large number of markets, which in fact turn out to be one bazaar, stretching along the main Suika street.

Local products do not differ in variety, but the specificity of the place makes itself felt – walking foreigners are offered to buy natural dyes, including those very blue and blue hues, spices, incense and medicinal herbs that are collected literally outside the city on the slopes of the mountains.