Portfolio Male: What Is the Best and How to Choose the Ideal for You

by | December 22, 2018

Every man needs a wallet. In addition to carrying the basics needed for day-to-day, they can be an extension of the style of each one. However, even as useful, it is easy to leave aside this small accessory to assemble a wardrobe, since the wallet spends most of its time hidden.

Portfolio Male What Is the Best and How to Choose the Ideal for You

It is true that we pay increasingly less in kind, and that in the not so distant future, probably will do transactions by our phones, but not yet the time has come to announce the “death” of the good old wallet, as it happened with the hat and the clock. A portfolio also has practical utility.

The appearance is also important. Fortunately, we live in a time in which we can wear pretty much anything. There are exceptions that go up to the limits more stripped down, but in general, you can choose a wallet that appeals to your taste without anyone to look crooked.

That is, this is not a text telling you which wallet to use to be a gentleman, to be promoted, to impress others, or to conquer women. The world is another, and the menswear has never been so heterogeneous. There is a different type of wallet for each type of man in each type of context.

I’m here to try and help you decide which style meets your needs. After all, your portfolio should not only be beautiful, it needs to be practical. To get to this balance, you consider some details, ok?

I separated these decisions on two criteria, which I called “style” and “model”. Let’s start with the first, that has a lot to do with the context of your life and your personal taste. Bora choose a portfolio of nifty?

Different styles of wallet male

The first thing to choose the portfolio the ideal is to set the style that you need. Basically, the three options are:

– Portfolios sports
– Wallets casual or rustic
– Wallets, elegant and refined.

I’m going to start by the more informal, the sports.

Wallets sports

The wallets sports are good for… sports activities. They have the suitable structure and are made of materials capable of keeping the contents protected during a long run or hours and hours at the gym.

Are typically made with synthetic materials resistant to water and does not wear out with the heat or use. It is worth to have one to carry when leaving the house specifically to exercise.

Although not the my favorite, most people can also use a portfolio so on a day-to-day. The sportswear has been mixing more and more to the standards of male fashion, whether in streetwearor high fashion.

The men’s fashion is becoming more casual, and it is strange to see people who enjoy a style of youth take a “portfolio parent” of the pants jogger, or those who enjoy “techwear” put on a wallet classic on the pocket position of a pair of pants made with a fabric futuristic.

If the portfolios of sports combine with your lifestyle, why not? Choose a design sporting a monochrome with few details and no one will wonder.

Wallets Casual and Rustic

This style of wallet has to pass a certain level of attention to detail to go well with your look, but it does not need to transmit excessive concern with appearance.

Brands that make wallets casual has more freedom in the choice of materials. Leather is far and away the most common in this segment, but the cotton is also an option that appears quite.

Feeling deprived comes from the set of details:

  • The hides used may, but need not, be more thick.
  • The leather oiled and brightest also tend to pass a image less formal.
  • Another detail is the line of the seams. The points are more spaced and thicker.
  • A wallet casual does not need to be rustic, but those that are, allow less finish on the edges, which can even be raw.

I prefer the shades of brown, since they use quite jeans and boots brown. If you use a lot of combinations of grey, black and marine, a portfolio black is more cool.

As I said, the options are many. Two products may have the same format, but the choices of design are able to pull more to one style or another. For example:

The wallet pictured above is made of one of leather, caramel and clear line. I think that she pulls out for an adventurous side, a style from workwear, rustic, don’t you think? She would not be so cool in the hands of someone draped in dark clothes made by japanese designers. To that person, a wallet casual so it would look more cool:

A wallet casual, regardless of whether it is rustic, engomada, or futuristic, it is ideal for those who can choose the one that dresses most of the time (ie for work).

You have more freedom to show your style and that’s why they are also legal as a back up for the days you can dress as you wish, without interfering with your professional image and on the vision that people have of your ability to perform a task for being “out of standards”. A guy who hates to work in a suit and transforms into a gothic ninja on their days off.

When we start to talk about environments, conservative and formal, the variety starts to decrease.

Wallets Elegant and Refined

If you have a classic style tends to the formal, work or sport slim up, I would recommend a portfolio like that.

In formal and conservative, there are more rules and expectations. Not that it is something bad. It’s just that the goals in choosing the clothes change, the details get more important. In plus, you do not go to the effort of putting a custom tailored and spoil the silhouette with a brick leather.

Wallets stylish, they are usually made in smooth leather or even the more exotic, such as the crocodile, or eel. Typically, they are of thinner thickness, since the final product needs to fit in the inner pocket of a suit or in a pair of social without leaving marks.

When you are hand-stitched, they usually have points the more points per inch and use fine threads. The manual work really need to be very refined, from the stitching to the finishing on the edges that have finishes more refined.

They do not need to be stripped of creativity. It is only that there is an expectation higher then the ideal is to opt for creative details to be more discreet. Something that put a flea behind the ear of the one who observes it. You know when you hit the eye on something and not be able to tell because something that appears common, doesn’t it?

In general, us men have less options for accessories innocuous, so if you like fashion and style, enjoy! After you find out what style of the wallet fits the best with the look you like and with the context in which you are, it is easy to transform this male enhancement in an extension of their manner of dress.

We are half way in the journey towards a wallet-ideal. Now that the style that you want to pass has been defined, it is necessary to analyze which model meets the needs of practices. In short: what you need to need to load?

Models portfolio male

You may want something simple and rugged, or a distinct accessory that will complement your style. You want to use your wallet with a braided rope or a metal chain, or would you prefer a choice of more discreet? You want to use your wallet in your back pocket, in the front, in the pocket of the jacket, or will load in a backpack or folder?

The format of the portfolio also has an impact on the style, but there are options for sports, casual and elegant for any of the options below.

It is true that some combine better with certain combinations of formality and style of the outfit, but agree that the main concern here is that some may not behave or their belongings or do not fit in your pocket?

Let’s look at some of the key models and their advantages.

Port Card

The portfolio and more practice is the door card. In general, there is no need to load more than the driver’s license and a credit card. Maybe a food card, a health insurance for emergencies.

Anything beyond that is timely, that you can pick up before you leave. If you need a replaced the most, you can put in another pocket, with or without a clip of money.

There are several designs, with more or less pockets and compartments but the advantage of the port card is always the size. It fits easily in any pocket of pants if you are not wearing a jacket. It does not create any volume visible, even if it is saved in the pocket of the inside of the jacket.

The portfolios port card casual are very good for anyone who wears tights, and elegant are perfect for the pocket of a suit jacket.

Wallets Bifold

Wallets bi-fold are the most common. Is what most men will wear because it suits perfectly those who need space for more cards and want more agility, and organization. They should, however, be of modest size.

This is a well design easy to find in the versions sport and casual. Is one that has a single-fold, usually have a pocket for notes, spaces for cards on each side, and often hidden pockets. An option classic, time-tested.

There are also many wallets bifolds social. They are made in leather thinner to not make the volume in pants and jackets. Some are made specially for suits. These are long and thin, about the size of a checkbook. Perfect for those who always is in a suit or blazer.

Whenever possible (that is, when the temperature is lower), you should try to use the wallet in the pocket of the jacket. It is better for your back, more difficult to steal, and, being a portfolio of a reasonable size, it is also the best choice aesthetically because it does not change its silhouette.

In pants, a front pocket is the best option, but I usually use the back pocket in the days of jeans. In this case, mute the wallet of place to sit or drive.

Vertical/Mid Wallet

These portfolios follow the same principle of a bifold. The difference is that they are taller and more narrow, so that, when placed in the pocket, are aligned in the vertical.

Wallets vertical have approximately the same amount of space when the cards are positioned vertically. In this case, she just gain height and lose width. However, when the cards are aligned horizontally, they gain more space for cards, receipts and other things.

As this second type maintain the same size of a bifold to accommodate the card in the horizontal, they tend to be larger than other types vertical. Depending on your jeans, they may be more uncomfortable to sit. Are ideal even for use in the pocket of the jacket or to anyone who carries always a folder.

In this category you will also find the “passport holder”, made for travel, when you will probably need to take more things. They accommodate passports, tickets, and more cards and cash, in addition to other forms of identification. Very good for long stays abroad.

As well as all the other portfolios up to now, can be made with any material. Leather is good for business traveling or tourism casual wear, while waterproof materials help keep things safe when you’re in the middle of an extreme adventure.

Trucker Wallets / Long Wallets

The portfolios long have the greater storage space and are the style most visible and flashy. They leave a little bit of the item handy, and entering the proposal basically to compose a style.

Yes, they are great, but it has advantages. As the notes fit without the bend, you can load more money without that she is so fat, additionally, it is much easier to access what you carry with you and keep everything organized. As the notes are in the vertical, the portfolios thus may be more narrow, and therefore, a little more comfortable than the portfolio average.

Due to the size, the portfolios are long (especially the fine) work well if you prefer to carry the wallet in the backpack/folder, although they (mostly rustic) also serve as a statement of style in your back pocket – many have conchos and silver chains or straps that complement the visual.

When I use jeans, I like to get my trucker wallet of Steelhead Fine Goods with the leather chain of the Liberty Art Brothers or a metal chain Just Wanted to Have One.

The style goes well with the type of stuff I usually wear with jeans (cowboy boots, leather jackets, shirts, military, etc.). Any chiropractor would hate the idea, since a portfolio is huge really can harm the hips, but…

How to explain? This type of wallet in your back pocket helps to develop the brands crucial in the raw denim? That these patches of indigo give the indigo denim a depth of tone and visual character? The threads that sew the wallet is made of tendon of cow? The wallet was hand-stitched?

It is clear that he has no logical explanation. Sometimes we suffer – both physically and socially – by the style.

Now it’s over! These are the main models of portfolio. Think a little in which meets your daily load, and mix with the proposals of the style to find the combination that fits perfectly in your pocket and in your identity as a person.

To help you, I’m going to list some of the brands. I put together a few of the options that I like because it has beauty and quality. Obviously, they will tend to the visual which I like, but there are thousands of brands. Any type of wallets is available in a million price, from the Hermes to the of nylon and velcro.

Where to buy wallets male

The portfolios that are more expensive are usually those that are tailor-made. Brands such as April in Paris, with headquarters in san Francisco, make to order products. The owner was trained at Hermes, and receives the client that you want to track the process. In this type of brand, any design or skin is available. Of course, also are quite expensive. Even so, they come out cheaper than a portfolio of Hermes, which is one of the few luxury brands that did not sacrifice quality in the pursuit of profit.

Even in the luxury market, Swaine Adeney Brigg , and Asprey has exceptional quality. The products are made in England and has a lifetime guarantee. The prices, although high in relation to the options mass-produced, are not exorbitant. The Hermes can charge $ 1500 for something that in the Swaine Adeney will likely be less than $ 200.

On the side of more cheap things, and more rustic, Saddleback Leather offers a cover card bifold for a very good price. The quality is excellent, but if you’re looking for something with an aesthetic a little more refined, the Hartmann offers a great alternative. Another brand with a proposal casual that goes well between the rustic and the clean are the Bellroy and Makr. The Saddlery of Richards has some models legal for anyone who becomes a conservative, but casual.

Speaking of rustic aesthetic, the movement, the artisan has reached the world of leather goods with great force. Some of the best recommendations are the Hollows Leather, the Steelhead Fine Goods, Tanner Goods , and Billykirk. The choices of Tanner Goods tend to be more “casual outdoor”, and Billykirk more “lumberjack city”. Here in Brazil, we have brands such as Braveman, Cutterman and Outsider Goods with portfolios very cool also.

I have review of the products of these three national brands here on the blog. You can check out the Braveman’s Single-Pocket, Cutterman Music Man, and Outsider Goods Vertical Wallet.

There are more manufacturers than ever creating portfolios fans of the workwear and denim in mind. The simple design of the Corter Leather up to the elaborate creations of inspiration native american brands like The Flat Head and Redmoon. Also quite like the wallets of the Mt. Hill Silver, Bike, Japan, Erwin, Dry Goods , and The Black Acre. Here in Brazil, the right choice is the Liberty Art Brothers.

I’m also a fan of leather products and canvas Duluth Pack of Minnesota, which offers a lifetime guarantee. They also have a good clip of money that it costs only $ 20 and a portfolio of credit card as well simple. I also recommend the portfolios of the Filson for those who are looking for something casual and durable. The new Runabout Goods, also has a wallet-style camping as well cool.

For anyone who is more “techwear”, I too short the portfolios of the Veilance, of the photo above. Super minimalist, discrete and futuristic. If you’re looking for something sporty, the Yoshida Portermakes wallets very nice, and the Top Design design also has an aesthetic mountaineer a lot of fun.

There are many brands… even hard to recommend. I prefer to buy from independent brands and craftsmen that make it very clear the source of the material. I say this because it is relatively easy for you to go up to a city store and buy a skin of leather to start making portfolios. With patience, your technique will improve, but the material is below average. So, it is good to give a researched legal among the small artisans.

It may not make sense, but some of the larger brands have access to the raw material the better. They have the best leathers and has the best contacts with producers around the world. Unfortunately, our domestic market is not high-volume material of the first then a craftsman starting out need a lot of running behind the materials. As brands grow, they get access to a better material, or even develop the leather itself.

For those who are more concerned with the visual, I recommend to scour the online stores and search for an interesting model. In terms of brand and variety, I quite like the Mr Porter, Ssense, Matches , and End Clothing. Along with the brands and shops I recommended above, these three offer all kind of model for any style. You will surely have many good options to choose from.

Regardless of the brand chosen, my advice is simple: simplify. Your back will thank you, as well as the silhouette of your clothes! This is not to be your style to ask for a portfolio more aggressive! In short: Choose the portfolio that you like, that matches with what you wear, and it carries the that you need to load. Use with ease, and note the evolution of the material, because the hours-of-pocket will leave it even more beautiful!


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