Poverty to Luxury, Is Thus Changing Cuba: His Olympic Uniform Has Designed by Christian Louboutin

by | June 7, 2017

First it was Chanel and her motorcade cruising 2016 and is now the turn of another Frenchman, Christian Louboutin red sole emperor. It seems that Cuba has caught the taste of luxury, at least to those French firms that his people may not buy but that however evoke dreams, aspirations and fashion, high fashion. The Frenchman has been commissioned to create uniforms for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro that it be held in just a few days. What is this radical change?

Something is happening in Cuba, of this there is no doubt. Since the first rock concert of The Rolling Stones up to the first fashion show of one of the most luxurious and expensive in the world. Cuba wants to give an image that seems quite far from reality. Even so Christian Louboutin He has designed the uniform of Cuban athletes on the basis of the famous guayabera of the country, as well as bright colors, classic air of the 1950s and a strong iconography. The shades of red and beige are combined with the legendary blue and white, present in the flag of the country. Very beautiful and special uniforms that mark a new milestone in the history of Cuba.