Protaras Travel Guide

By | April 9, 2021

Protaras is a quiet beach resort. The sun shines on the best beaches of the island of Cyprus up to 320 days a year.

Protaras is a popular holiday destination in the south-east of the island of Cyprus. Protaras is located on the sidelines of larger cities, but in the smaller island state, the distances are still quite short, even at their longest.


A peaceful alternative to Cyprus

Due to its great beaches and abundant sunshine, Protaras attracts especially sun worshipers and those looking for a relaxed beach life with good services.

Protaras is next to Ayia Napa, known for its wild nightlife. However, the nature of Protaras is much calmer and thus it is also ideal for families with children looking for an easy holiday.

In addition to good beaches and sunny days, a holiday in Protaras allows you to discover the interesting history and culture of Cyprus with its many Greek and Turkish nuances.

The clear waters of Protaras are well suited for a variety of water activities.

The clear waters of Protaras

A sunny summer destination in the Mediterranean

Protaras is a beach destination, but even in winter it is quite mild. In terms of temperatures, it disappears to the Canary Islands and the United Arab Emirates, for example, which are warm even during the winter months from nearby resorts in the south. However, the sun shines in Cyprus at its best up to 320 days a year.

During the winter months, the average maximum daily temperature stays below 20 degrees, so for the sake of beach life, the season only starts in April.

Tourism to Cyprus is at its peak from spring to autumn, not forgetting summer. Protaras is a sure choice for a summer holidaymaker, for example, who does not want to count the sunny days of his holiday on Finland’s unpredictable weather.

Lots of activities around the water

Protaras will enjoy the warmth and sunny days. Along the beach, much of the activity focuses on water activities. The beaches of Protaras are varied. In addition to long pale sandy beaches, there are more sheltered coves in the area.

Especially in spring and early fall, the waves may grow large in places. The beaches are well maintained and the current situation regarding bathing safety is indicated by flags of different colors. On the main beach of Protaras, gently deepening in Fig Tree Bay, the waves are small and it is therefore also child-friendly.

If lounging on the beach is too passive, there is also something to do in Cyprus for more active tastes.

Snorkelling and diving are popular activities in the clear waters of Protaras. In the turquoise ocean, visibility is good and a completely different world opens up beneath the surface. For the first time, you can also try diving with Protaras.

In addition, the nature of Cyprus is diverse and the scenery of the island is breathtakingly beautiful, so there is also something to do inland, for example, for hiking.



Protaras attracts tourists with its stunning beaches.

Flights to

Protaras is a package travel destination with seasonal direct flights from Finland. The Protaras season focuses on the period from March to November. To Protaras, passengers fly to Larnaca, where the flight time from Helsinki is about 4.5 hours. After arriving in Larnaca, there is still about an hour’s bus ride to Protaras ahead.

Accommodation in

Protaras is above all a holiday destination, so a large part of the nearby industries focus on tourism. For this reason, the area has a rich variety of accommodation options.

Typically, accommodation takes place in hotels or apartments. There is plenty of choice in the accommodation offer for different requirements. A budget traveler will find their accommodation at its cheapest for about 20 euros a night.

Getting around

The area around Protaras can be easily reached on foot or by taxi. There are also buses to larger cities.

In Cyprus you can also rent a car and explore the island on your own. Note, however, that traffic in Cyprus is on the left.



The turquoise sea impresses the tourist.

Ocean Aquarium

At the Ocean Aquarium you can admire a wide variety of fish species in the air-conditioned interior. Other animals such as crocodiles and turtles can also be seen outside the aquarium.


If the waves on the beaches become too big, you can also do water rafting in the water park. In addition to lying and sunbathing on a sun lounger, the water park’s numerous water slides provide fun.

Travel around Cyprus with a rental car

If the traffic on the left is not intimidating, it is convenient for Cyprus to move also by rental car. The island is compact in size and there is a fairly short distance to each side. You can explore several nearby towns or villages in one day.

Visit a different Northern Cyprus

Protaras is located right next to the border with Northern Cyprus. The status of the self-proclaimed region is controversial, but traveling there is still safe and much easier today than it used to be. Indeed, a visit to the predominantly Islamic Northern Cyprus can provide an interesting contrast to other destinations in Cyprus.



The church in Protaras represents the Perikreek style.

The best beaches in Protaras

1. Fig Tree Bay
2. Sirena Bay
3. Konnos Bay
4. Pernera Beach
5. Mimosa Beach