Rachel Bilson’s Look at Her First Appearance Stellar Season

by | December 27, 2017

I am very pleased that summer you go running so that it no longer must not forget more looks of mini shorts, sandals and a t-shirt of agodon; that that the holiday season is officially inaugurated is a reef, a plus, an almost sure guarantee that only celebrities going us to show its best face,

We saw it in Venice, we are seeing it in New York and it comes to show today our most prized Muse and less complicated, and say this last because it is the Queen of the street style par excellence, it is, of course Rachel Bilson, Although not has been moved to the East Coast to direct witness of the new summer proposals giving us lessons of glamour from the State of Nevada,

Here we see her at a party at the famous hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas with an anarchic and Gaudier print dress, in pink, Orange, and black, with a clutch pad game, and a few pumps with strap in black satin, what you think your choice? To me, I love.