Recap: Melt! Festival 2013 & My Highlights

Crap, I’m getting old. And I can not, however, do I bore. My love for the melt! Festival is really great and I would prefer the electronic beats – and with pleasure – boys and girls kiss the feet for the love invitation. Nevertheless, my Resumé is as follows: I myself let go. I have forgotten how to dance three days through and forget the upcoming Monday. The back of the tents hurts me. And also the beautify in good old glitter style did not succeed, because I had forgotten the mirror at home. Anyway, a couple of girls next to me stood at ALT-J and at some point I heard something like “this is because Nike Jane Wayne? – No, believe not.” Verklumptes hair, no makeup, only happiness in the heart. The three days at the melt! Were different than usual. But pretty awful. Because I walked for the first time not like a Madwoman from stage to stage. Because I’m gone to bed, when I was tired – also when the clock showed only 2:30. And because I held a mirror reflex only my phone for making image had to pull out. 

Ob I therefore what missed? At all not at all. Just I need more of the holiday this time no vacation. Here are my personal happiness factors:

Item 1: relax!

Point 2: the best camp in the world!

Item 3: heart people (my favorite people have all also heads – not everyone of them is merely which is why I think it is always so on the Internet on the go, to show only those that drive even in the WWW around – privacy < 3)!

Point 4: even more love people!

Point 5: catering!

Point 6: rave & sand & the sleepless floor:

Point 8: the musical!

Azealia banks:




Roosevelt – sea (official video) from Greco-Roman on Vimeo.


Zebra Katz:

Tobias Thomas:



MS Mr “think of you” from BRTHR on Vimeo.

Flying Lotus:

Claire (here in a picture with Leni):



James Blake:

Hans Unstern:


And again all the pictures at a glance.