Sarah Jane’s Hair Schopf: What’S Next?

by | March 16, 2017

It is actually always the same: my fluff on the head are alternately for boredom or acute frustration and i decide a radical cut. Twice i had so far grater short my hair cut full of anticipation, to already again shortly thereafter to be in a grumpy mood. Not so sits, how i had imagined like this, the personal, to let the hair grow so i decide to do so again this verdict finally. I then stumble upon images from brave, i think however again about the cut, so, as i had forgotten this feeling again shortly after the decision. A vicious, i tell you. And so is just this time: so stupid the pixie doesn’t looked like, or what do you think?

A third time will not be probably still for the time being: the whining i can now really don’t ever do to my circle of friends and family, would probably be throwing the hands over the head with law and declare me crazy.

February 2015

Maybe i need a geubteres knack so easy to befriend me with my current cut. Or but someone from the tray, just every day comes with his professional tool over. Or how about above frances “baby” with a perm, to look like the houseman lookalike? And what about color? After all, i’ve had no more walks of life apply age since my 16. questions about questions, i’m so in a small cul-de-sac and i am just in time for the beginning of the year so undecided last winter. Hmm, what do you think?

Long, short, curled, dyed, smooth or tousled and bold?