Sights and Tours in Porto, Portugal

By | August 19, 2022

You should definitely plan two full days for Porto. You can discover great viewpoints, taste delicious port wines and typical Portuguese food, take a little trip to the sea or to the wonderful Douro region.

You can find all the important sights and tips for them in our article Porto Sights .

City tours and tours in Porto

Even if Porto is not particularly big and most of the sights are all in the old town, you usually take back very special memories on a guided tour.

So here are two of our recommendations:

Porto City Tour – Food Tour and Wine Tasting: This tour takes you 4 hours through the old town of Porto and costs 60 euros per person.

“Duero Valley: Wine Tasting, Lunch & River Cruise”: If you are in Porto a little longer, a trip to the Douro region is highly recommended. In this full-day tour you will visit the beautiful landscapes and wineries of northern Portugal. The whole thing costs 98 euros per person including meals.

If you are looking for more tips for exciting tours around Porto, have a look at our article: 11 special city tours and tours in Porto .

A city tour in Porto with an insider is a completely different experience than walking through the city alone.

Eating and Drink

Mmmmm. Portuguese food is so delicious. And then the wine.

Our favorite restaurant was Folias de Baco at 136 Rua Dos Caldeireiros. The small shop has a tiny menu, which is often a good sign.

According to sunglasseswill, there is a tapas menu for two including two glasses of wine for 20 euros, which is also available in a vegetarian version.

The tapas were super tasty and the wine was excellent too. If you don’t want a whole menu, you can also order the tapas individually.

But we definitely recommend the menu. If you don’t get a seat spontaneously, simply reserve a table for the next day.

Did you know already?

The right credit card can save you a lot of money when you travel . We’ll tell you how it works here!

We also liked the Casa Santo Antonio at Rua da Assuncao 40. Tapas are also available here at reasonable prices.

The menu is only in Portuguese, but it’s still very tourist-friendly. The nice waitress just brought us different things until we were jam-packed.

There was also a liter of wine and the whole thing ended up costing about 25 euros. Perfect!

We had some difficulties finding something on Sunday evening, since many restaurants then closed. But there is always something, so we just had pizza.

Culinary specialties in Porto

In addition to tapas, you should definitely try the Francesinha dish .

This dish is a typical specialty in Porto and an absolute calorie bomb! Almost everything that is meaty is hidden between two slices of toast – cooked ham, chorizo, beef, sausages etc. and this is then baked with a lot of cheese at the end.

And because that’s not powerful enough, a rather thick sauce made of beer, mustard and tomatoes is poured over it.

With us, the sandwich was served with a lot of fries. After that you will definitely be full for a few hours.

To round it all off, you can treat yourself to a port wine typical of Porto.


Tipping is not uncommon, especially in the tourist regions of Portugal. Simply rounding up a number or giving a different sum, on the other hand, does.

If you want to tip, you’d better pay the bill on time and then put the tip on the table as you leave.

Tap water

In terms of water quality, it is generally safe to drink tap water in Portugal. However, the water is often heavily chlorinated.

We therefore recommend buying water from the supermarket instead. If you are planning a longer stay, a water filter (e.g. from Britta) could be worthwhile.

Travel time Porto: Weather and what do you have to pack?

The best time to travel to Porto is spring and autumn.

Due to Porto’s proximity to the coast, summer is also quite pleasant with temperatures between 25-30 degrees.

You can read about the clothes and other equipment we have in our backpacks in our article packing list city trip.

But what you always have to expect in Porto is rain! So pack a rain cape or an umbrella. Of course, your camera equipment should also be well protected.

By the way, you don’t need a power adapter. German plugs also fit into Portuguese sockets.

It rained cats and dogs on our first day in Porto. In the afternoon it stopped and we were able to explore the city. It was still windy, so when the subway comes over such a high bridge and you are afraid of heights, you can hold on for a moment :).

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