Special Shoes: The Dancers of The Summer Are The Most Comfortable

by | May 17, 2017

Pippa Middleton in Paris

Among all types of shoes that are the dancers they are distinguished by their comfort and versatility regardless of the situation which have to be lucidas. They are often well almost always and give a special touch to the look that endure several hours without having to curse for heel pain.

This Spring-summer 2011 dancers come in all stripes and possible variables. What is your favorite?

Signature dancers

If we choose to let us good money in the dancers We can choose a classic shoes: Christian Louboutin, only that the budget already we will trigger to $595 by this pair in black and basic leather.

In Miu Miu We can go entering heat of face to the trend for next season: the Snake print. By 450 euro. Horrible is little.

Better something more minimalist as this pair of Chloe It is beautiful. Blue Suede dark and with a strip at the tip. Price: 320 euros.

We see the most striking version with Reed Krakoff in some Golden dancers by 700,18 euros. A must-have for the more these days fashionistas.

From Lottuse We found this pair of magnificent and very typical of the summer. In beige and strap and braided leather, a trend that is very fashionable this season.

A few Openwork dancers of Geox It is another alternative to this time. An mauve pastel tone mixing with the black gloss.

Clarks you choose a shoe that combines sporty style with the casual and endows the thicker sole for more comfortable.

A design different from the one of the dancers is what we see in Camper. Not striking to me at all, but there are many people who love him. 115 EUR for something so I think too much.

The dancers of the brands low cost

In Zara There are several dancers they’ve loved me, I’ll stick with just two all to not abuse too. This model with tacks Red passion is fantastic, with the bracelet and everything. By 59.95 EUR.

While the most basic version comes in Orange, a color that the wardrobe in the Shoemaker can not miss this season. By 29,95 EUR at Zara.

From Mango we see some dancers suitable for fashion seafaring in these months. Blue and white vertical stripes and black-tipped. In addition to a pink border. Price: 39 euros.

With the high temperatures it is always good to let the foot breathe so a dancer Openwork helps. Its price is of 49 euros in Mango.

A fruit version It is fantastic for this summer season in which both are priority fruit. Price: 18 pounds.

An alternative to closed dancers always version is that we see in ASOs in a format peep toe. A model of tiny polka dots in white on a blue background with a gathering on the front. Price: 32,05 EUR.

Even the two-tone version comes in a model of Satin in the Bershka collecting black and nude.