Spring 2011 Trends: What Monooo Kimono!

by | April 17, 2017

There is only one way to contemplate this fashion Spring 2011 and with slanted eyes. The Empire of the rising sun has never been closer and large collections attest.

But it is not necessary that we dress which geishas or emulate the aesthetics of film ninjas. A Nick here and another there suffice to demonstrate that in a matter of trends, you are the last and Jezebel wants you to be the first. We speak of kimonos, of colorful prints, eyeliners ranging more away than usual, silks and sathung and the colors of the Spice route.

While East looking West, we back the look, which is now more necessary than ever, and recall the most beautiful of vestimentarias habits.

Gucci, Galliano and Vuitton It appears they envisioned currently, closer to the far East would be the better of the proposals. And they have done so with kimonos that we have a great advantage. While in their places of origin their pattern and color determines the marital status, sex, or season of the year, we can forget and be guided by the most we like.

Direct to your wardrobe

A garment sophisticated, in times of ‘low tendencies’ hard to find except custom made or vintage shops, is this spring soon fashion firm “meat”. We will make us with their thankfull sleeves from in Topshop…

…even in Zara spring-summer 2011 with its perfect “Yes but not”, proposal cut, fabric and print ad hoc and pose and the westernmost escorts.

Ideal ambien the batin-kimono of Topshop spring/summer 2011 and perfect to accompany it with a few thongs with a prominent wedge of Esparto grass.

The firm Winter Kate He shows us his particular version, between orientaloide and Proven├žal.

And a proposal that you’ve done recently and coming part of H & M and its High Summer collection (it seems you have loved)

Another one of the more Super, coming from part of Primark with their usual prominent sleeves and floral prints and spicy colors.

Again Toshop coun look that has me completely in love since I saw it.

On the red carpet

Teas were three celebrities who have been seen lucieno a kimono… is not the perfect garment for spring?

Street law

Can do you go most ideal that she, Hanneli? A styling that anything between the Naif, the East and the baby doll with a touch of thick platforms Sandals 70.

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