State Route 92 in Nebraska

By | October 27, 2022


Get started Lyman
End omaha
Length 489 mi
Length 787 km














Broken Bow


Loup City



St. Paul



Rising City






According to Watchtutorials, State Route 92 or Highway 92 is a state route in the U.S. state of Nebraska. The road forms a long east-west route across the state, from the Wyoming state border at Lyman through Scottsbluff to the Iowa border at Omaha. It is the only state highway that runs completely from the western border to the eastern border of Nebraska. Highway 92 is 787 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Nebraska Panhandle

Hwy 92 near Scottsbluff.

At the village of Lyman, WYO 92 enters the state of Nebraska from Wyoming. Highway 92 then forms a route south of the North Platte River, through a flat agricultural area on the High Plains. The road heads east and after 30 kilometers reaches the town of Scottsbluff. There is a southern bypass around Scottsbluff, but it is not formally part of Highway 92. The northern bypass is formed by US 26. The Beltline through the city is the through route.

Highway 92 then heads southeast through the North Platte Valley, more or less paralleling US 26. The road is two lanes and leads through flat agricultural areas. A major railroad line runs alongside Highway 92. Between Bayard and Bridgeport, Highway 92 is a stretch of US 26 double-numbered. Between Bridgeport and Broadwater, Highway 92 and US 26 again form two parallel routes, after which the road from Broadwater to Lewellen is again double-numbered with US 26 over a longer stretch of about 70 kilometers. This is a two-lane road north of the North Platte River. Near Lewellen, the two routes split again, with US 26 running southeast to Ogallala, while Highway 92 running along the north side of McConaughy Lake, a reservoir of the North Platte River.

Central Nebraska

Highway 92 in the Sandhills between Arthur and Tryon. There are barely 100 vehicles per day here.

On the eastern side of McConaughy Lake, Highway 92 turns north and continues north for 25 miles across the barren but undulating Sandhills to Arthur, with Highway 92 being double -numbered with Highway 61. From Arthur, Highway 92 turns east again and continues for over 100 kilometers through the virtually uninhabited Sandhills. The only village on the route is Tryon, which has a short double numbering with Highway 97. Finally one reaches the village of Stapleton, where the Sandhills merge into areas of circular irrigation. Via US 83, Highway 92 jumps a bit south, but soon continues its route east through the agricultural middle of Nebraska.

From Merna, Highway 92 is double-numbered with Highway 2, a fairly long stretch southeast to Ansley, 25 miles away. On the way you pass through Broken Bow, one of the larger villages in the wider region. At Ansley you cross the US 183. Highway 92 then heads due east again, passing over the endless prairies, interspersed with circular irrigation. Highway 92 runs through Loup City to the village of St. Paul, where there is a short double number with US 281. Highway 92 passes here about 15 miles north of the city of Grand Island.

Eastern Nebraska

Highway 92 takes long straights east through flat farmland and passes north of Central City, where it intersects US 30 nearby. Shortly afterwards, the Platte River is crossed again. Highway 92 then heads east through the flat farmland south of the Platte River, passing some distance north of Lincoln and south of Columbus. Highway 92 also has some double numbers here, including with US 81 and US 77, where the village of Wahoo has a bypass.

At Yutan one crosses the Platte River for the fifth and last time, after which one enters the conurbation of Omaha. From the edge of the urban area, Highway 92 with US 275 is double-numbered, and will remain in Nebraska for the remainder of the route. Highway 92 runs Center Road, Industrial Road, and L Street through western and southern Omaha, intersecting Interstate 80, then paralleling it through Omaha’s industrial south. The Missouri River then forms the border with the state of Iowa, crossing the river via the South Omaha Veterans Memorial Bridge, after which State Route 92 in Iowa continues to Muscatine.


The former Highway 92 through the Scottsbluff National Monument.

According to Citypopulationreview, Highway 92 was first assigned circa 1923 to a short east-west route west of Omaha. It was renumbered in 1925 as Highway 16, which ran from North Platte to Omaha. In the early 1930s, Highway 92 was assigned a diagonal route from Bancroft to Wakefield in northeastern Nebraska. However, in 1939 this was renumbered as Highway 16.

That year, Highway 92 was assigned to its current long east-west route through Nebraska, remarkably replacing a portion of Highway 16 west of Omaha, which had also been numbered Highway 92 for some time between 1923 and 1925. Highway 92 originally ran through Mitchell Pass southwest of Scottsbluff, through Scotts Bluff National Monument. Although this is a scenic route, the slopes were less suitable for truck traffic, so Highway 92 later passed through the town of Scottsbluff.

The eastern portion of the route between Clarks and Omaha was also numbered US 30 Alternate from 1939 to the late 1960s. This was a double number and an alternate route to US 30 further north. On January 18, 1936, the South Omaha Veterans Memorial Bridge over the Missouri River on the border with Iowa opened to traffic. This was a toll bridge until 1947. This bridge was replaced in 2010 by a new bridge with 2×2 lanes.

Due to the low traffic volumes on most parts of the route, Highway 92 has almost never been upgraded. In about 2003, the grade-separated connection with US 6 opened in western Omaha. In 2006, the easternmost bridge over the Platte River at Yutan was replaced. On August 25, 2015, the Wahoo bypass opened as a 2×2 divided highway. In fact, this is mainly part of US 77, but Highway 92 rides on it.

Hwy 92

Highway 92 in Nebraska is part of a series of highways numbered Highway 92 in neighboring states. This route starts in Torrington, Wyoming and runs to La Moille, Illinois through four states with a length of 1,426 kilometers. These are WYO 92, Highway 92 in Nebraska, State Route 92 in Iowa and State Route 92 in Illinois.

Traffic intensities

Highway 92 is generally a light road. Every day, 500 to 1,000 vehicles drive west of Scottsbluff and 2,500 vehicles east of Scottsbluff as far as US 26. Near Broadwater, only 300 vehicles and 300 to 500 vehicles drive along Lake McConaughey. The north-south part to Arthur has 450 vehicles per day. The quietest part is between Arthur and Tryon, with only 100 vehicles per day. The portions of Highway 92 that are not double-numbered with other highways through central Nebraska typically have about 500 vehicles per day, with occasional stretches of up to 1,000 vehicles per day. Further east in Nebraska, there are typically 2,000 to 3,000 vehicles as far as Wahoo and 5,000 to 7,500 vehicles between Wahoo and the Omaha metro area. The double numbering with US 275 through southern Omaha is much busier with 10,000 to 25,000 vehicles. The busiest point is at the junction with I-80 where up to 54,000 vehicles drive, by far the busiest point on Highway 92.

State Route 92 in Nebraska