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Afghanistan Culture

Evidence of urban culture (Afghan art), such as Mundigak near Kandahar, existed on the soil of what is now Afghanistan as early as the Bronze Age. Above all in Bactria on the upper and middle Oxus (Amudarja), rich cities blossomed in pre-Christian times, in which Persian, Greek or Hellenistic and Indian influences crossed, as can… Read More »

NATO on Kosovo and Afghanistan

Military actions other than traditional defense of one’s own country’s borders have long been controversial within NATO. From the American side, during the 1990’s, there was sometimes strong criticism of peacekeeping operations, which was based on a desire that the country would not be involved in European crises and wars that did not directly affect… Read More »

Afghanistan Religion and Languages

According to franciscogardening, Afghanistan is a landlocked country located in South Central Asia. It has an area of approximately 251,827 square miles and a population of about 35 million people. The capital city is Kabul, which is also the largest city in the country. Afghanistan has two official languages: Dari and Pashto. Islam is the… Read More »