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Georgia Archaeology

ARCHAEOLOGY From the Dmanisi site come finds of extraordinary importance for paleoanthropological studies: there were in fact found fossil remains, dating back to 1.8 million years ago, of a hominid characterized by lower limbs of a modern type and by encephalization quotient, body aspect and many morphologies of the more archaic species of Homo erectus.… Read More »

Georgia Religion and Languages

Population In 2018, Georgia had a population density of 53 residents per km2. About 58 percent of the residents live in one of the country’s cities, of which Tbilisi is the dominant. Other cities include Batumi (163,400 residents, 2018) and Kutaisi (141,000). According to Countryaah, Georgians or atrocities make up the country’s majority (84 percent… Read More »