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Tegucigalpa, Honduras City Overview

History According to payhelpcenter, Tegucigalpa was founded by Spanish colonizers as Real de Minas de San Miguel de Tegucigalpa on September 29, 1578 on the site of an existing native settlement of the Pech, Tolupanes, and Twahkas. The first mayor of Tegucigalpa was Juan de la Cueva, who took office in 1579. The Church of Dolores (1735), the Cathedral… Read More »

Honduras Religion and Languages

According to franciscogardening, Honduras is a country located in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua to the south, Guatemala to the west, El Salvador to the southwest, and the Caribbean Sea to the north. It has an area of 112,090 square kilometers and a population of 9.1 million people. The country’s official language is Spanish and… Read More »