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Mexico Tourist Information

Mexico is a country of contrasts, where you can see both modern megacities and quiet traditional small towns, both the wild green nature of the tropical jungle and deserts, where the maximum that can be found is cacti… And, of course, do not forget about stunning beaches with white sand and warm gentle waters, and… Read More »

Mexico Entry Requirements

Passport: is a general requirement for traveling to Mexico. The passport (or the provisional passport) should be valid for another 6 months upon entry, but it must be valid for at least the duration ofStay to be valid. A return or onward ticket is required for entry by plane. Visa: For tourist trips in Mexico up to… Read More »

Mexico Religion and Languages

Population After decades of rapid population growth, the annual population increase is now down to just over 1 percent. According to Countryaah, young people make up a large part of the population and more than three-quarters of the residents live in cities. Historical population development Over the past 500 years, Mexico has undergone drastic changes… Read More »