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Myanmar Culture

CULTURE: TRADITIONS Despite the ethnic diversity of the groups that make up its population, Myanmar retains an almost intact folklore characterized by a certain unity, given by Buddhist spirituality. In worldly life, one of the most characteristic features is hospitality, which can also be referred, like many family traditions, to the Buddhist faith. The position… Read More »

Bagan, Myanmar Sightseeing

The historical temple complex of old Bagan Of course, not all of the historical structures that have survived around the ancient city of Bagan can be described. The following tiny selection only briefly introduces the most important ones. Ananda Temple This Buddhist temple was built in 1091 under the rule of King Kyanzittha. The name… Read More »

Myanmar Religion and Languages

Population According to Countryaah, birth rates were high until the 1990s and there is still a large proportion of young people in the population. Immigration is scarce, but many people leave Burma every year. In official statistics there is no information on how large this emigration is. International organizations estimate that more than 2 million… Read More »