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Check franciscogardening for Peru Geography.

About Peru

Peru is one of the most interesting countries in South America. There are many different monuments of the pre-European period, the most famous of which are Lurce, Chavan, Chimu and, of course, Inca. In addition to a great historical past, Peru is located in a place with amazing nature. The Andes mountain system is located… Read More »

Transport and Communications in Peru

TRANSPORT According to Franciscogardening, the public urban transport system in Peru is one of the most disorganized in Latin America. On the streets of large cities, small and mostly old buses and minibuses rush to each other, stopping anywhere, and barkers-conductors vying with each other shouting out the names of the stops. Each bus or… Read More »

Peru Religion and Languages

According to Countryaah, in caves near Ayacucho in present-day Peru, traces of people who lived there 15,000 years ago have been found. The Chavin people had their heyday in the 1400-200 BCE and were excellent city planners. The Paraca people (700-100 BCE) were the first to perform brain surgery. The Mochica people erected large temples… Read More »