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Shopping and Eating in Faro, Portugal

Faro Shopping There are many shops in the Algarve capital. There are large shopping centers and small shops with products of local craftsmen. One of the largest and most beautiful shopping centers not only in Faro, but in the entire region is Forum Algarve (more than 200 shops, a cinema, restaurants). It is located near… Read More »

Sights and Tours in Porto, Portugal

You should definitely plan two full days for Porto. You can discover great viewpoints, taste delicious port wines and typical Portuguese food, take a little trip to the sea or to the wonderful Douro region. You can find all the important sights and tips for them in our article Porto Sights . City tours and… Read More »

Portugal Religion and Languages

According to franciscogardening, Portugal is a Western European country located on the Atlantic Ocean. It has a population of around 10 million people and covers an area of 92,212 square kilometers. The capital city is Lisbon, which is also the largest city in the country. The official language of Portugal is Portuguese but other languages… Read More »