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Economy of Russia

Russia concentrated the decisive potential of the former Soviet Union. Its enormous energy and other mineral resources ensured the supply of energy and raw materials to the industrial and other sectors of all other union republics and Eastern Europe. However, the vast area of ​​the country and unfavorable natural conditions have always represented a major… Read More »

Sortavala, Russia

According to printerhall, Sortavala is the second tourist center of Karelia, because it is from it that excursions around the Valaam archipelago begin . Sortavala is located 42 km from the archipelago. Tourist boats and boats run from here to Valaam. The very path from Sortavala to Valaam is a whole excursion, during which you… Read More »

Moscow, Russia History

According to pharmacylib, the name of the city Moscow comes from the river that crosses it called Moskva or Moskvá, in old Russian literally, the city of the Moskvá river. The origin of the name is unknown, although there are several theories. One theory suggests that the origin of the name comes from an ancient… Read More »

Russia Literature: Dostoevsky and Tolstoy

DOSTOEVSKY AND TOLSTOY The one is the great interpreter of the anxieties of the soul, of the conflicts of conscience, of the lacerations of the spirit, the other is the great singer of life, the analyzer of the values ​​of existence, the painter of an expanding reality in an immanentistic pacification of being as a… Read More »

Russia Religion and Languages

According to franciscogardening, Russia is a transcontinental country located in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. It has a population of around 145 million people and covers an area of 17,098,242 square kilometers. The capital city is Moscow, which is also the largest city in the country. The official language of Russia is Russian but other… Read More »