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United Kingdom Travel Warning

TRAVEL WARNING Overview Great Britain / United Kingdom Country-specific safety information With regard to international terrorism and terrorist threats in connection with the situation in Northern Ireland (” Irish-related terrorism “), the British security authorities have set five warning levels: (1) Low – attack is unlikely, (2) Moderate – attack is possible but not likely,… Read More »

Scotland Special Buildings

Edinburgh Parliament House Parliament Square, Edinburgh, EH1 1RF Tel. 0044- (0) 131-225 2595 The Parliament House was built in the 17th century. The Scottish Parliament met in this building in the Old Town until 1707 and the Union of England and Scotland. Attractions inside are the great hall, which is still used by lawyers today,… Read More »

United Kingdom Religion and Languages

Population The UK is one of Europe’s most densely populated countries with 272 residents per km2. About 80 percent live in cities, the largest of which are London (8.4 million residents, 2014), Birmingham (1.1 million) and, Glasgow (596,600). The fastest growing areas are south-east and south-west England; in the north-west and north of England as… Read More »