Te Dare with The Last Look of Camilla Belle?

by | May 13, 2018

Pasmada! So has left me the last look of Camilla Belle the presentation is his film & #8216;Prada to Nada‘. And it is not that she was not radiant, beautiful or spectacular, if not that surprised me the outfit chosen for their particular Red carpet. It is true, and we already said it previously in Christmas time, the pantsuit is pasted strong among women, and more and more are that point to this fashion to attend a party or premire.

But it is also true that Camilla is usual about Classic looks, conventional, straight lines and not often ventured as did last night. Thing not critical, since in the variety is the spice and probably do not want that they rate it one thing or another. And is that yesterday the young actress attended with a band colour nude (and full of flowers) top mode baring his ‘ belly ‘ (or lack thereof).

With this look shows that it has lots of personality and not you afraid of nothing: not a criticism, to which I say, and it has no shame (in the good sense of the phrase).

The total look comes from the hand of Jason Wu and is removed from the collection spring-summer 2011.

What do you think?