Thank You Amancio! The Clone of The Skirt Jil Sander Is Already at Zara

by | May 1, 2017

That the Inditex Group is the factory of the most successful clones and divine what today is not debatable: the Empire of Amancio Ortega brings the fashion of large firms at prices low-cost. And we, the human from a street stand, thank you infinitely. The latest acquisition of the Zara stores is the maxi skirt who presented Jil Sander for this Spring-summer 2011.

Color block has prevailed in it and the long skirts in bright colors like pink or yellow have been garments star. The most important magazines publishers scramble to create their outfits with something in this collection and celebrities such as Drew Barrymore did not hesitate to wear them. Now you already can do for much less. And is that, will you combine your maxi skirt in? Blue Smurf?

The best option is to do as the catwalk outfits: wear it with a t-shirt’s white cotton. Less is more, and this is the winning combination.

But if you are that think green, This other option is you favorite. How you going it to get?

But if you’re that enjoys with the thread and needle, on this website you will find the way to create your own garment. Be original and looks like never your DIY skirt.