The Calendar Pirelli Is Evolving Toward More Mature, Real, Successful Women

by | June 22, 2017

The women say that we are like the wine, how many more years, most beautiful. And this happens precisely with the protagonists of the Pirelli Calendar 2017, many of which already exceed 40 and are more beautiful than ever. It is the case of Penélope Cruz, Kate Winslet and Julianne Moore, which are at their best and have posed as fantastic for the purpose of Peter Lindbergh, that he wanted to show that maturity has triumphed against the youngest. And not only that, before many more nudes of the best best models. Not now.

A photo published by Peter Lindbergh (@therealpeterlindbergh) 29 Aug 2016 (s) 1:52 PDT

This week you showed the first images of the making of of the Pirelli 2017 calendar, Today we show you new pictures that Peter Lindbergh and the own protagonists have posted on Instagram bills. The result? A lot deeper and not-so-scandalous as those of years ago. And is that the calendar has changed much from its publication for the first time in 1964.

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The protagonists of now are not models, not have perfect bodies (almost) do not go naked but pose equal or more sensual, sophisticated and sweeping than the tops that were used. Again, and as it happened already in the last year, is a feminist by real women.

Pirelli 2011 calendar

The calendar is evolving towards more mature women and real, that it stand out for their professional achievements, influential women in the world today, posing dressed and with a result of elegant photographs at once than sensual. The beginnings of this Almanac was quite different, was the sexiest in the world and snapshots of the most stunning women on the planet, with generous and intact naked female as the 2012 Edition.

Joan Smalls 2015

Change for example appreciate it this new edition starring by actresses who exceed the 40, 50 and even 60 and which are still so attractive or more than the 30. It is the case of Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, Helen Mirren, Julianne Moore, Kate Winslet, Robin Wright y Penelope Cruz Rooney Mara, Alicia Vikander or Lupita Nyong’o ‘ or. Or all of them face statuesque bodies of Kate Moss, Natasha Poly, Milla Jovovich, Isabeli Fontana, Bianca Balti, Karlie Kloss, Petra Nemcova, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Miranda Kerr… and a long etcetera.

Brittany Murphy 2002

According to the German photographer, who in 2002 already chose not models, and actresses opted for women who like really: “They are names of great actresses who are not known for making films of barbies, but by sound films and then I left them be themselves,” explained it in an interview with Vogue.

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Another of the most significant changes in this edition is that all its protagonists are dressed, proving once again that sensuality is not synonymous with posing nude. Lindbergh has taken four weeks to carry out all the sessions in New York, Berlin, London, Los Angeles and Le Touquet, a region in the North of France. The creative team has been formed by the stylist Julia Von Boehm, the hairdresser Odile Gilbert and the makeup artist Stéphane Marais. The result? We have to wait until November to see it.

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Amy Schumer 2016

The Pirelli Calendar sexy photos

Kate Moss 1994 Giselle Bündchen 2006 Penélope Cruz for the 2007 Pirelli Calendar 2009 Pirelli Calendar