The Keys to The New Chic-Masculino

The wait for the summer always seems to make long, and most of the time, halftime becomes the worst of our nightmares. Despite this, it is good time to dig into our closet and make those combinations other times of the year are we not allowed. It’s time for the final sprint for blazers, raincoats, socks, and dancers.

Getting in the field, a look that is always grateful comes to mind and very, very stylish. We talk about the mix between the male and female, banishing the tomboy look with pictures and boyfriend jeans shirts, what we propose is, very preppy and masculine at the same time. Would you like?

This editorial of ASOs He has reminded us how cool that is to be a girl who is inspired by men’s fashion. Ties, bow ties, shirts and suit pants at this time play an important role.

If you’re reluctant to use male accessories such as ties, you can always go to the simple with a bow tied around the neck of your shirt.

Or use a finite vintage handkerchief and place it open above that shirt that you don’t know or when purchased.

Perfect for this type of look garments are thousand possibilities: shirt + shorts for the more informal and indies, and shirt + trousers arranged for daring women who seek a combination for the office.

The shorts can conform to thousand shapes and colours, always respecting the classic cut: not very short and forget the denim fabric if you want to look like a modern office worker.

In Top Shop We find more classic shorts for all tastes, like these in the version.

Or, something more informal in least-seen color, the Eggplant.

The shirt is the other piece perfect for this type of look: white, small, buttoned collar up to above, decide to use tie or not.

The perfect color to achieve this is white, but you can also take your male shirts striped or coloured as blue.

And we give way to the shoes, which are also key in this style. Some tones like red or even animal print slippers are great to make this, a careful styling.

But if you do not have this footwear or it is simply not your style, you can opt for the purely male shoes with laces. This Brown are of Top Shop.

To put the icing on the cake you choose accessories like the bow ties. We are going to see are of Jarabowtie and they have fabulous prints.

For the most daring pictures, polka dot paisley, stripes, flowers liberty there… everything you imagine.

And if you want one for the night, turn to look and take white bow tie and black shirt. Cool!

We must not forget the women who have made this look a classic. Diane Keaton in Annie Hall will be our Muse.

A look that has managed to inspire the most famous among the fashionistas from around the world, Carrie Bradshaw…

… and also new socialite like Olivia Palermo, dressed in the image up and down Mango.

And thanks to Alexa Chung, can see as the more trendy also have their place in this style.

And it is that, with a simple loop you need more than what you expect!