The Last Cry in Fashion: Nail Color Lemon

by | May 7, 2017

The time of heat, Sun and beach makes celebrities dare to look clothing color uploaded (especially now with the fashionable color block, the neon and bright colors). But this year the tonality has crossed borders and settles in nails. This summer there is no place for the timid, so hit the streets and enjoy this fashion!

The celebrities are the first in done with trends, is for this reason that we have already seen several of them with their colorful hands. In this case the colour is yellow. The actress of the youth series 90210 Beverly Hills, AnnaLyne McCord, is a big fan and lights up hands in this tonality at all hours.

Trends showcase

As we have already said, the actress loves yellow for this summer and at all hours shows his hands. Such is her passion for the yellow to at times, agrees with clothes!!

Have already talked about return of Mischa Barton, which slowly (very slowly) going recovering his former I and their outfits are (slowly) adapting to current fashion. For that reason, and by other factors that do not know, she also is Paint your nails with this bright (at the same time that flashy).

Rachel Bilson, it girl where any and faithful follower of (almost) all the trends that exist in the face of the Earth, is to treve half: their toe nail they are yellow. In this way she says: “ Eh! I’m going to fashion, but I try to be a little overlooked & #8220;.


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As it could not be otherwise, Chiara Ferragni echo of this trend has already been done and not to show off outfits with their hands (and feet also) in yellow. What do you think?


And you, do you dare?

If you are still reading the post means that you are enjoying yourself the idea of Paint your nails This tone. The firms already have a Nail Polish in this tonality, you only have to choose your brand depending on the budget you have. If your eagerness to show off this fashion are high you can go for the color Mimosa Chanel.

YSL It also has its particular, although a little color more live as above.

In NARS you will find another kind of tonality, this time, darker. What do you prefer?

But if you want to go to fashion, at the same time that your Pocket is safe You can go for the version low-cost made in H & M.