The Nodel: Not Models Who Are Becoming Fashion

by | June 11, 2017

Definition of nodel: running, and normal girls with their own particular style and a legion of followers they are stealing conventional models its prominence in fashion campaigns.

They are real women. Like you. Girls that you come every day on the street and Yes, they have a particular style, but neither measure one meter eighty, or they have a tiny size or are incredibly perfect. You would never think that they are models… and much less that they are stealing the limelight and its exclusive contracts with major brands.

And yet, these girls they have something unique and special that has thrilled thousands of followers, an aura of reality and a different and authentic personality that has jumped directly from social networks and Instagram to more exclusive advertising campaigns of the time. They are unknown to the general public, although not in underground circles, artistic and more exclusive. Its success is due to their style and attitude, not to take measures or a perfect face.

A clear example of nodel is Karley Sciortino, writer and founder of Slutever, but also one of the main characters along with Karlie Kloss of the campaigns of Kate Spade. Karley is attractive but It has no measures of a model nor it is spectacularly beautiful. To change exudes self-confidence, it is super feminine and has a great sense of curiosity. A great woman who has many things to tell and can be a vehicle for to mark transmitted its values. Something that is not always possible with the conventional models…

A photo published by Karley Sciortino (@karleyslutever) 29 Jan, 2016 (s) 1:50 PST

Do they transmit the “nodel” than the models more?

Kate Spade It is not the first brand that decided to hire a “nodel” to transmit a history and values. Already in Fall 2012 campaign Lanvin hired a dancer of 82 years, Banana Republic and Barneys´usan “nodels” long and Diesel is hiring models found on Tumblr. And we cannot forget the sixty-three year-old model that American Apparel hired a few seasons ago or the origin of all this: the historic Dove campaign.

All these brands have detected that the conventional models are already too views, bored and do not wake up no empathy in an ever more demanding public. An audience that doesn’t want to see the clothes in a cold study, artificially lit and dressed by a too-rigid model. In return want to see clothes that are going to buy in a real environment, in motion, in a scenario with which to connect and feel identified. ‘That could be me’. “I would take him on a similar occasion”.

That advertising in which the brand created an aspirational world has further remained and consumers dreaming of being part of it. Now we are smart consumers and are fully aware that the style is something that cannot be bought. The style is in the person and It makes sense that this person is real and not something fictitious, something unattainable for the majority. A person with their problems, their cellulite and its granite. But with something special.

Origin: cost savings. The future: is it just a fad?

The signing of Lonely Lingerie lingerie or brands as Sincerely Tommy began using real women by budget issues. And yet, when profits began to grow and hired professional models, discovered that the image projected It was not as fresh and natural as in previous campaigns. They had lost reality along the way, so they decided to return to his original idea and remain faithful to its original spirit. They are now successful brands that use “nodels” because they provide them much more than the conventional models. They help them to tell their story. And to connect with your audience.

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27 Jul, 2016 (s) 1:58 PDT

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Shop online Modcloth is another brands began using “nodels” to show fashion, often their own employees or clients, and they they have ended up being the best vehicle to demonstrate the values of the brand. The ideal way to get to your buyers to identify with what they are seeing and imagine themselves wearing such clothing, of a more tightly to the reality.

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The new young promises in the world of fashion are also turning to the “nodel” to bring spontaneity and freshness to their fashion collections… and of course also to save on the costs of having famous models. For these artists, the “nodel” can not boast of a few measures of scandal or a perfect face, but of an attitude that provides value on the catwalk. Some are poets, photographers, dancers, writers, or simply interesting people that stands out in social networks by their way of being and all that transmits. And in some cases they passed so much that they have stolen all the limelight on catwalks as London or New York.

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Right now the “nodel” are on the crest of the wave, partly thanks to the new feminism and the struggle for acceptance of a less stereotyped and real beauty, and more and more brands compete for them but they themselves are aware that this is a possible trend, a fad that will end passing (like everything) and who knows what will give way.