Guide to Ticket To Heaven Children’s Clothing

by | October 27, 2015
Ticket to heaven

Delicious Ticket to Heaven children’s clothing in high quality

With clothing and equipment from the Danish brand feel kids, as promised, that they are in heaven. For Ticket to Heaven outerwear, Ticket to heaven children’s clothing and Ticket to Heaven school bags have all the qualities you as a kid could wish. With regard to both the happy colors, quirky details and, above all, the comfort that provides space for romping about and free play. There is also no loose cords or anything else which can damage or irritate the children during play. The Danish company started out with the manufacture of outerwear, but after having created a name, there came also jeans, dresses, t-shirts, shorts, school bags and so on. It’s range for girls and boys in sizes 98-146. we offer a colorful selection of Ticket to Heaven for kids from this special and hard-wearing quality label, which you in good conscience can buy for your child with free shipping and make sure that the money refund within 30 days.

Production with safety in mind

The service, quality and safety go hand-in-hand all the way through, when the manufactured clothing and equipment for children who are required to wear the brand Ticket to Heaven. Safety must be in order, both in terms of vehicle design in relation to parts which may be harmful to the child. For example, all hoods on jackets and coats put on with press studs so that the CAP can detach from the vehicle if it should stick to a place where there may arise the choking color. Safety is also a priority, with regard to the materials to which the products are manufactured in the company applying for no. textiles, which have been treated with some kinds of chemicals that can harm both the child and the environment. The hormone disrupting chemicals phthalates, PVC, azo-dyes and heavy metals, nor is it something that can be traced in either Ticket to Heaven children’s clothes or some of their other products.

Ticket to Heaven is yet a Danish success

When Hans Peter Larsen in the 1990s imported comforters from the East, he suddenly got the idea to produce Down Jackets and down snowsuits. Rainwear came also on the program, and it was the start of a Danish outerwear label, which later also got other garments in its range. In 1999 it opened its first store in Ticket to Heaven, and today you can see children on the street, which carries one of the brands popular rain jackets. The ticket to Heaven Snowsuit depends on the season. Foreign countries have also embraced the Danish success, and the two annual collections sold in the whole of Scandinavia as well as in Northern Europe. The company operates with such concepts as quality, respect, honesty and profit. The quality of their outerwear is based on the motto, “Whatever the weather”, which shows a promise that the vehicle must be able to keep children warm and dry, no matter what the weather co-operates, here made no compromises. Respect and honesty are values, which pursued both in relation to consumers, suppliers and colleagues involved in between. The company’s profits are seen, among other things. The support for the charitable fund “Nanu children “and is the initiator of the Fund “Kids for Kids”.

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