To Get to the End of the Year #Onlymen

by | October 31, 2018

We are in the last days of December and start to think about everything we did during 2013 and we ask ourselves do we meet our purposes? Sometimes Yes and sometimes not that we had planned, but we realize that we didn’t expect. Doing a quick review of the trends to man during the 2 seasons this year, there are several options that can be used to close the 2013 and welcome the new year with all the attitude and style.

To Get to the End of the Year #Onlymen

I believe that most first plans in where it will be the end of the year, some have the dilemma whether with family or friends, and leave to the end the look that we use it is also very important, some people say that as you get new, year you will thus be the rest of the year, so it is the best chance to build an impressive and much proposal outfit either to select items from your closet or releases.

According to Pantone was emerald green, we could see the color of this year in several proposals for spring and fill color our wardrobe with shirts, pants or suits in this tone; Another very strong Spring trend was the cropped or rolled pants and shirts that remains in force. Even of spring the bomber Jacket reminded us our University spirit and that this piece combines with jeans as with a gabardine pants.

During the winter, some trends came with great force and when it drops the temperature in our city we take them to the Max, my favorite to you and to receive the 2014 are 3: coats covering us from the cold, there are waist, above the knee or ankle, take them cross or 2 or 3 button You also choose a maxi version; the tartan or very small color matching pictures is the ideal start to the year 2014, the most common white with black, red and blue or brown with green; and the last skin or leather can not miss in our look, either in a small application in the garment or the entire piece, you’ll be great #onlymen.

Remember that you can use accessories like ties slim, bowties, footswitch neckties, vests, gloves and some kind of hat, shoes of colors, etc. to complement her look. I leave a phrase from Iris Apfel that I really like “fashion can be bought, but the style not”, do not put limits, combine and leave that they admire. I leave you some pictures that can help them to get a sense of the trends that I speak, to know how to put together your outfit by year’s end. We read in the next post! (The pictures were taken on pinterest).