Transforming a Denim Jean Pregnancy

Redo your wardrobe when you are pregnant is not necessarily a requirement: there are ways to turn your clothes that fit your new forms. Here are the different ways to turn a denim jeans pregnancy that fits you perfectly.

Transforming a Denim Jean Pregnancy 1

Case 1: Transforming jeans low waist jeans with pregnancy support belt

This method is applied if your jeans are low rise and that you can close it completely, but you want to have more support. This method is ideal if you want to wear your jeans later: cut jeans is not changed, so you can battle the seatbelt thereafter.

Prepare the belt

  • Put the jeans and measure, on you, the distance between the button and the jeans where you want the belt stops: the navel, above … Then multiply this measurement by 2.
  • Ask your jeans flat on a table and measure waist circumference closed jeans.
  • Pick up a piece of jersey fabric, stretch, or other elastic material that suits you. This fabric should measure:
    • In length: waist jeans.
    • Height: desired height of the belt × 2 + 4 cm.

Fabric: Cotton Jersey alone is not enough for a pregnancy stretch pants; whether to use cotton jersey, make sure it contains at least 5% elastane / spandex.

  • Fold in half the width of the fabric against side of the fabric, and pin the sides together to keep them in place.

Sew the belt

  • Thread your sewing machine with a color coordinated wireless in stretch fabric and a stretch jersey or needle.
  • Set the sewing machine on a zigzag stitch or a stretch stitch.
  • Sewing the side of the belt, from top to bottom, at 1 cm from the edge of the fabric.

Council: You can draw a first line 1 cm from the edge of the fabric with chalk or a tailor textile felt, to help you during sewing.

Transforming a Denim Jean Pregnancy 2

  • Start and finish sewing a few breakpoints.
  • Press the seam and cut flush son.
  • Fold the belt in half height, wrong side against wrong side.

Note  : Take care to keep the shape of the belt in the folding tube.

  • Iron the fold and pin to crush it down to keep it in place.
  • Set your sewing machine to whip stitches, if the proposed, or on a classic zigzag stitch.
  • Sew with a whip stitch or a zigzag stitch all the bottom of the belt, on the edge, to surjeter fabric edges.

Sew the belt jeans

  • ake your jeans and open the button and zipper.
  • Slide the belt inside the jeans: the top edge of the belt of jeans is 2 cm higher than the bottom of the strap.
  • Pin the elastic belt to belt jeans, primarily by pinning the side seam of the belt on the back seam of the jeans middle.
  • Continue to pin lightly stretching the elastic belt so that it does all around the jeans.

Note: the strap is intentionally slightly smaller than the waist of the jeans, to ensure proper maintenance.

  • Put a special needle jeans on your sewing machine.
  • Thread the sewing machine with a thread of a close to your jean color.

Note: you will find in the special sewing haberdashery son jeans, which are very strong and reproduce the hues of colors of jeans.

  • Set the machine on a zigzag stitch.
  • Start sewing right after the right side of the zipper, starting with a few breakpoints.
  • Sew 1 cm from the edge of the belt.
  • Continue sewing around the waist of the jean.
  • Finish the seam just before the left side of the zipper, with a few breakpoints.
  • As before, stretch jersey slightly during sewing.
  • Iron your seam and cut flush son.
  • Your jeans pregnancy is over.

Optional: add a resilient holding up the belt

Transforming a Denim Jean Pregnancy 3

If you would like more support in your pregnancy jeans, you can add an elastic holding inside the belt. For it :

  • Pick up a fairly wide flat elastic piece (minimum 2 cm) and flexible.
  • The elastic should measure the width of your belt × 0.9. For example, if the width of your waist is 80 cm, your elastic measuring 80 × 0.9 = 72 cm.
  • Before fold or sew the belt, when the fabric is flat:
  • Draw a line in the middle of the fabric in width.
  • Pin your elastic below this line, stretching the elastic to fit the width of the belt.
  • Put a stretch jersey or special special needle on your sewing machine.
  • Set the sewing machine on a zigzag stitch.
  • Sew a zigzag stitch on top of the elastic, then down.
  • Start and finish the seam by a breakpoint.
  • Stretch the elastic while sewing.
  • Continue sewing your belt as explained above.

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