Trends Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: 40’s, 60’s and 70’s

by | May 28, 2017

The seasons change and change the trends. Looking back is something that designers do usually, travel in time and remember the best fashion for decades. Gives a few seasons by the 1920s and his flappers, others by the 50 and its New Look silhouette, and for this autumn/winter 2011 / 2012, There are three decades serving as inspiration to the designers: the 40, 60 and 70 years.

So look at what brings us the runway, looking for the style that you like and you favors and be seduced by your favorite decade.

Trend 40 years

The interwar period is a period of austerity, shortages, rationing, but also classic elegance primer and aspiration to the glamour of the golden years of Hollywood.

The collection that best reflects the fashion of the Decade of the 1940s is that designed by Miucca Prada for Miu Miu: marked shoulder pads, with below-knee length dresses, printed discrete. Even with quiff hairstyle is faithful to the time. The “ dress well “, go perfectly together and impeccable from head to toe, has been extended to gateways as of Nina Ricci o Sportmax.

This trend can make us look like ladies of much older, even the actress of the campaign of Miu Miu, Hailee Steinfeld, has only 15 years and looks like a made woman and right in photographs, so you better use this fashion in moderation.

We are left with long-sleeved day dresses, knotted at the waist, and classic coats cloth that last a lifetime.

Trend years 60

If you fancy something more cheerful and colorful, goes back to the the 60’s. Line ball gown, sleeveless coats game of pastel colors, dresses, cowl neck sweaters, cardigans, dresses knee boots, lead us to one of the most successful decades in stylistic terms.

Has been in Prada, In Valentino, In Bottega Veneta, In Philosophy and surely that high street stores embrace with emotion this easy-to-copy, Digest, and like all the women decade.

70’s trend

The 70’s It takes seasons hovering around our wardrobes, so again, be welcome. Put a bit of Bohemian charm, much of the fascinating spirit of Bianca Jagger and nightclub Studio 54 and you have the perfect mix of the season.

Invite us to travel through the Decade of the 70 collections as Gucci, Chloe, and Emilio Pucci.

In our closet will it be reflected in monkeys, Bell-Bottoms, in capes with details of skin, stamped psychedelic, in blouses with bow at the neck, hats of wide-brimmed, midi skirts, platform shoes & #8230;

Already you can see that there is for everyone, so what time do you prefer?