Trends Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: The Top 5 for Fashionistas Not Be Complicated

by | May 23, 2017

The fashion trends they are like restaurants: there are many, of all and for all, but without any recommendation we can afford expensive. To who writes, the special trend of the fashion magazines sometimes choke, with so many proposals, tips, taxes, that make you think, but what is what is not? And it is that if colors is white and black, cakes, the nude and the color block what is what is not? One asks from here a less is more: Please divide me trends between 5 and my expenses in renovating my wardrobe is not multiplied by ten.

Jezebel today want to propose the Trends autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 for fashionistas who are not complicated: 5 and only 5. Those that are committed, those to which we shall confine ourselves (at least who writes) and those that we see on the street. Word trendenciera.

Blue teal

This what? Since you already speak it, guess what no crystal ball which Aramis back in February and our predictions seems to have been met. We speak of the blue deep teal, a color between blue and green, and that on its completion in English it is called as such since the year 1927, inspired by the tone surrounding the variety teal ducks common pupil. Collections such as Gucci They encumbrar√°n it and we will reign in the street. At the time. NET a porter moment already gives us the option of how to combine it and with what.

The 60 are our

From Tommy Hilfiger To Prada or Bottega Veneta¬†We dress to the Anita Pallenberg and we’re going to sing “Like a rolling stone”. To not complicate, choose a single garment of the era that will give us that point “Britt Ekland” we need: a line dress. That bring it with flakes which Prada, or paillettes which net a porter, is our.

Fred Astaire

They are 30, women atusan are as ever while the Knights adorn as never. They always dressed which female females, they which English lords. It is the 21st century, and women no longer wish to be Ginger, this winter the women will be Fred. So say it Dolce and Lauren and YSL and so we dance it.

Tricot and Brocade

The point is no longer something grandmother, unless our grandmother is Gloria Vanderbilt. As we assume is not the case, here are the keys to put the points about the ies with the new trends: luxury, nothing better than a brocaded garments together, topped with long gloves and maxipendientes.

Steals from the rich… and put it up

We speak of Robin Woods, adventurous philanthropist who sisaba the rooms to the Knights of the round tables and put them on the table to the ragged and hungry for the County. Steal him his most outstanding garment, coat and become a little of forests.

I Indian, you Marant and Balmain

You Indian, you fashionable. That aspen me if this look not so will take Kate Bosworth, Olsen, Kate Moss… or all of them. Time to time but the feather falls like never before to the Marant and we will collect it.