Trends Do Not Have Triumphed in Spring-Summer 2011

by | May 5, 2017

Season after season, leading the fashion gurus, the coolhunters and fashion magazines they agree to launch the proposals that will be in the street. Designers propose but…What makes the consumer?

At the end of this season, already immersed in rebates, it is time to analyze the trends What They have not succeeded, Despite its insistent emphasis on the media. Do you know what?

China girl


While it is true that the epicenter of the global economy is moving towards Asia and designers increasingly make more winks to China, the truth is that kimonos launched by Dries Van Noten, shirts with collar of Louis Vuitton or floral prints of Paul Smith they have not had their translation on the street. Except for rare occasions, this proposal does seem, in the eyes of a Westerner, a disguise of Chinese operetta.



With the exception of the color block, return to the seventies has not been successful which initially was supposed to. The fluorine has only been seen between the more fashion victims, pants flared They flatten and the psychedelic prints they are difficult to combine. If we add the hair fried and carded and the Chronicles which were 1970s youth and age who took to recover your hair smooth and healthy, here’s the crux of this lack of harmony with the Decade.

Flower power


Surprisingly, this spring is the first in a long time that isn’t invaded in floral prints, both small and large flowers. It’s a cyclical trend this time, thanks to the ecstasy of colors was not possible merge without appearing one Chinese vase (another trend doomed to fail)

Fruit prints


Bananas of Miuccia Prada and Charlotte Olympia, oranges of Stella McCartney.. .salvo some “fruit t-shirts” in the low-cost temples, street has ignored these prints, then remind us to a kitchen curtain. Years ago we already had with prints of cherries of LV bags, and do not want to repeat.

All these “small failures” They show that no one has secured the success formula; for many market research, travel, photographs and textiles fairs, the truth is that consumers have the latest opinion and the power to decide that it wants to be, he likes and that discards. The “remote control” is essential in fashion.