Trends in Color Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012: The Nicest Shades

by | May 30, 2017

So yes, beautiful, because the colors This will be autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 they might not like me more. There is a bit of everything, so we find that most us favors and better feel us. Some may begin to use already, as this set of ETRO with the mustard as a protagonist, it is spring, but it seems to be intended for the arrival of September. A tone that leads directly to the 70s, right?.

Of these new trend colours it seduces us to the name. A good cover letter is always required, and also find out how look these new ringtones and how to combine them. The Collections prefault 2011 us forward much of these colors to start acostumbranos to them. Find them with us!.


We saw it at Asos, the mustard It is one of the most repeated in the international catwalks. ETRO o Diane Von Furstenberg have been seduced by these tones, which combine perfectly with camel, chocolate or even more joyful and bright like turquoise or green colors.

It’s all about dare.

A color called teal

Our colleague said it us Andrea, it is the Blue teal, that color is green or blue, but the two things at the same time. An intense color that prefers to be the protagonist, as in Gucci.

Bordeaux wine

Another of the protagonists of the autumn, the Garnet life calling you Bordeaux It seems that you upload category. Seen in Fendi and in J. Crew.

It looks good with pastel colors.


Grey, black and nude combine perfectly with the tone Plum that takes this season. We have seen it casual in J. Crew.

And most sophisticated in Yves Saint Laurent. Ideal for night.

Pink, for the optimistic

To put a good face to the back to work (that not we feel like anybody, I guess), why not put you some Pink pants and smile to the arrival of the autumn? Lighter or darker, are fairly well.

And to brighten up the grey, It also returns this fall, we can add Fuchsia.

Gray, a Winter Classic

With lower temperatures, always becomes black and grey, and this year with more force than ever before. So it is not boring, it is mixing textures and different grey tones.

Red blacker, the strongest combination

The red and the black they are good friends, we tend to see together often. Together constitute a powerful combination and very sexy. Own confident women.

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