United Kingdom Travel Warning

By | July 23, 2021


Overview Great Britain / United Kingdom

Country-specific safety information

With regard to international terrorism and terrorist threats in connection with the situation in Northern Ireland (” Irish-related terrorism “), the British security authorities have set five warning levels: (1) Low – attack is unlikely, (2) Moderate – attack is possible but not likely, (3) Substantial – attack is a strong possibility, (4) Severe – attack is highly likely, (5) Critical – attack is expected imminently). The warning level is set by the external link, opens in a new window Joint Terrorism Analysis Center / Security Service (MI5) fixed ().

For international terrorism threats, level 4, Severe, applies to all 4 parts of the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland). For Northern Ireland-related terrorism threats, Level 3, Substantial, applies to England, Wales and Scotland; for Northern Ireland itself, however, warning level 4, Severe, applies.

According to franciscogardening, the UK authorities call for vigilance against the threat of terrorism, especially for suspicious bags on public transport and other possible signs of terrorist acts.

Information about security precautions can be obtained from the Home Office on +44 20 7035 4848 and on external link, opens in a new window

For information on the current situation in relation to Northern Ireland, call the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) +44 845 600 8000. If you are dialing the above telephone numbers from the United Kingdom, replace the international code in brackets with a “0”. From Ireland, replace the international code with “048”.

Special Notes for the British Virgin Islands, Montserrat and Anguilla

The British Virgin Islands, Montserrat and Anguilla are in the cyclone-prone zone of the Caribbean (cyclone season from June to the end of November). Current hurricane information is available on the Internet at www.nhc.noaa.gov, among others.

Worldwide safety notice

Please also note the external link, opens in new window, worldwide security notice.

General travel information

The British people voted in a referendum in June 2016 in favor of the country leaving the European Union. Short-term effects on travel to Great Britain and Northern Ireland, on the right of residence there or on payment transactions are currently not to be expected.

Road traffic

For information on road signs, driving in London and legal requirements, please refer to the UK Tourist Office’s detailed guide to safe driving in the UK at: external link, opens in new window driving-in-the-united-kingdom.

United Kingdom Travel Warning


Other risks

The standard vaccinations recommended by the Robert Koch Institute for children and adults (including against tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), mumps, measles, rubella, pneumococci and influenza) should be refreshed before the trip.

Hepatitis B occurs. A vaccination against hepatitis B should be given for long stays and close contact with the local population and with children and adolescents in general.

Epidemic outbreaks of meningococcal meningitis occur. In order to protect themselves, young adults in particular who are planning a long-term stay should get vaccinated. The vaccination is recommended for certain groups of people (young people, schoolchildren, students) for long-term stays. Travelers should clarify the need for vaccination with the doctor, taking into account the recommendations in the country of travel.



(a) If the Christmas holidays fall on a weekend, the following working days are non-working.
(b) Additional public holidays in the entries for the respective parts of the country.




The official language is English. Other national languages in Wales are partly Welsh (Cymric) and in parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland Gaelic (Gaelic). French dialects are occasionally spoken on the Channel Islands. The numerous ethnic minorities have their own languages and dialects, including Hindi, Urdu, Turkish, Greek, Cantonese and Mandarin.


  • Goodbye = goodbye
  • Eight = Eight
  • Eighty = eighty
  • Exit = Exit
  • Beer = beer
  • Please = Please
  • Thank you = Thank you
  • Tuesday = Tuesday
  • Doctor = Doctor
  • Thursday = Thursday
  • Three = three
  • Thirty = Thirty
  • Entrance = Entrance
  • One hundred = one hundred
  • One = One
  • One thousand = one thousand
  • Friday = Friday
  • Five = Five
  • Fifty = Fifty
  • Danger = danger
  • Closed = closed
  • Hello = Hello
  • Today = Today
  • Hotel = hotel
  • I feel sick = I feel ill
  • I don’t understand = I don’t understand
  • Yes = Yes
  • My name is?? = My name is??
  • I’m fine. = I’m very well.
  • Wednesday = Wednesday
  • Monday = Monday
  • Tomorrow = Tomorrow
  • No = no
  • Nine = nine
  • Ninety = ninety
  • Open = open
  • Restaurant = restaurant
  • Saturday = Saturday
  • Six = Six
  • Sixty = sixty
  • Seven = Seven
  • Seventy = Seventy
  • Sunday = Sunday
  • Menu = menu
  • Do you speak German / English? = Do you speak German / English?
  • Toilets = toilets
  • Four = four
  • Forty = Forty
  • Wine = Wine
  • How are you? = How are you?
  • How much is it? = How much does it cost?
  • Where is??? = Where is???
  • Ten = ten
  • Twenty = twenty
  • Two = Two