Wearing a Bra

If you must wear a bra, choose without whales and wide enough to not be too tight. Try wearing your bra as little as possible and massage your breasts once you have released them. In any case, you should sleep with your bra. If you are worried to leave pointing your nipples, (amazing even when we agree to see bra straps or a push-up, but not nipples!), try to wear a tank top under your shirt, for example. And anyway, it’s far from the end of the world!

And if the BRA was useless?

Personally, every day, I try not to wear a bra. Of course, I wear one according to the way I dress or for certain occasions, but it’s still pretty minimal. Until the year behind, I had no idea of the potential link between breast cancer and bra, but I had already abandoned the bras with frames or too like, mainly because I found them extremely uncomfortable and it kept me from breathing. I know a lot of women with large breasts think that it is simply impossible to consider! But do you know that when you wear a bra all the time, you are considerably weakening support of your breast tissue? Anatomically, you get no benefit to deprive your chest of gravity. Quite the contrary! If you let your free breasts for a while, these famous ligaments will become stronger and your breasts will be naturally better supported. A French study has observed and measured the breasts of 320 women aged 18 to 35 years old over a period of 15 years. Closing push ideas on the usefulness of the BRA, clear, they do nothing of what is expected of them. For example, they do not help to relieve back pain, but on the contrary intensify them! Even better: they have no influence on the sagging of the breasts. According to the study, the bras are clearly a false necessity. The results of the study suggest that the chest would actually much more firmness and would be better supported if she was not locked in a bra. Quite simply, according to the researchers, because the Bras limit growth and strengthening the support of breast tissues, they distend which weakens the chest and leads to SAG more quickly. And even better, the study found that women who dare experience to remove their Bras on average earn a lift of the nipples on the order of 7 mm per year! The precise study that if you spent 45 years, not wearing bra will probably little influence on the rise of the chest. Check it out now on http://www.braclassified.com/.

Minimize risks

I think the main reason that drives women to wear a bra is the weight of society telling us what our chest should look like. If the breasts are very small, you probably wear my bra and padded, if the breasts are too large, you probably wear a bra that makes them look thinner and more toned. There are also many women whose chest is really small and who wear despite a bra, only to make their breasts bigger. If only they knew the risks they take to resemble the aesthetic… In the eyes of society, the breasts should be round, firm and high.But it is clear that there is little chance that this is the case of women who leave their free breasts, the curve of the breasts is not uniform and stereotypical!