When The Blogs of Fashion Is Converted in Publishers of Magazine of Fashion with a Unique Model

by | January 1, 2018

I remember years ago before they appear the fashion blogs. He was a fan of the fashion magazines (more than now) and sighed with each vestidazo showing each of their publishers. I knew you never dress anything of it there issued (escaped many zeros in the price of my ability) and I would get a little frustrated. Later born blogs with the purpose of inspire and help us in our day to day. But now many of these have become in a publisher of online magazine. And I refer to the evidence.

And is that it has been open the blog of Gary Pepper and freak out with images: amazing and spectacular. But for my morning inspiration nothing serves, as its total look of Dolce & Gabbana It makes these images only serve to appreciate its beauty and the mona who is.

Fashion blogs are increasingly become Publishers, and we see it with The Blonde Salad at the forefront of everything. I liked the idea of opening each morning to my favorite bloggers and go to the store to find the garment to emulate them, but apparently seen, part of the past.

What will be the next thing?

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