When The Scented Candles Girl Met The Diptyque Fig Tree

Turn the Smiths on my turntable in the district “There is a light that never goes out”. “We want to see that even”, I think, while I finished on the first scented candle of my life. Scented candles were in truth be told so far in penultimate place of things I wanted to write about urgent times, ignorant, that I had inhaled so far apparently only the 50s Pack tea lights by the furniture of Sweden, the optional stinking after Strawberry aroma, cinnamon or vanilla but artificial. Usually, the scented candle mist directly into headaches went over and pestiferous my good old fresh air. Burnt money, pha pha. So even in the serious, what should this candle Theatre?

You maybe not suspects it yet, but it follows a big but in the case of the fired to first, own scented candle called “Figuier” from the House of Diptyque. What is then around distributed around me in the room, was the least intrusive scent of the world. Fig leaves? Yes! Berlin mud autumn is exhibited, and I find myself in the middle of a sweltering July day in Greece. Here is no mention of the sweet fruit, as in that sense, I’m talking about me from the lush green leaves of an absurdly large fig tree, which vaporises in the midday heat. The roots spread out all over the room, break through drawers. The foliage is ranking at the curtain, and then around the bed post to me.

We always save the very first experience with a fragrance in our memory,
linked to a sense.

This is an olfactory illusion of a biotope. The grassy scent it makes me comfortable and welcoming – stays in the background, rather than wild banging on the inside wall of the nose to. Now, I understand the hype surrounding the fragrance candle business. The Diptyque candle has become in the meantime aesthetes the standard inventory of every adult fragrances and Interior. Evil tongues say simply – hipster candle.

The French label, which started in 1961 as a business model of three friends for art wallpaper and furnishings is today, with the very best niche perfumes from ingredients of natural origin, hand tagged put Wicks and a beautiful, simple design to send environments and moods on mini tours. In the best houses around the world, they are finding. Around 50 euros for a scented candle would have been just a bottomless impudence before this first trip for me, but now, dear people, what I can say, now i’ve tasted blood and lust hot fuckin’ in the glass on more of.

Now is by the way even the scent become (or the egg came first?) The scented candle to my everyday perfume companion and the beautiful name “Philosykos”. And if not me, then Tom Ford believes the sniffs the sheets in candle form namely allegedly also tons of away. On my bedside “Figuier” or “Liquidambar” burn now alternately from the limited „ Forets Imaginaires “-collection, for the Diptyque with artist Julien Colombier worked – an intense, spicy Oriental fragrance – perfect for Christmas. When the perfumes I change every day between the Asian-inspired “do son” Eau de Parfum (in the evening) and the fig tree (during the day) as Eau de Toilette from.

Oh yeah, at some point she will be very well, my new flame – but until then keep us 60 muckelige hours in the fig tree Orangery.