Windhoek, Namibia

By | February 10, 2023

Windhoek is the capital of Namibia, located almost in the very center of the country at the foot of Mount Eros. From here, most tours around the country begin and end here – after all, the only international airport in the country (45 km from the city) is located here. See CITYPOPULATIONREVIEW for weather information.

The Namibian capital is an amazing city imbued with a German spirit (once the city was the capital of the colony of German South West Africa), so do not be surprised by the numerous monuments designed in the style of German colonialism. One of these is an equestrian monument in honor of those who died during the 1904 uprising in the city center. Also popular with tourists is the nearby Alte Feste fort, which houses the National Museum of Namibia. But no one has canceled the African roots of this amazing land, so you can get enough of the explosive mixture of ornaments, textures, color combinations in the National Gallery, and dig into the history of the country in the halls of the Ovel Museum. Intelligence Directorate of Namibia.

How to get there

You won’t be able to transfer at the beckon of a direct flight to Namibia, so you will have to use transit through Frankfurt (Lufthansa airline) or through South Africa (Emirates, Qatar Airways, British Airways). The duration of the flight will take 14 hours.


The main mode of transport is a taxi, as buses and minibuses mainly run between the airport and the center. The intercity bus or tourist train “Desert Express” (The Desert Express), which connects Windhoek with Swakopmund, will take you to the right place.

2 things to do in Windhoek

  1. Buy wooden sculptures of the Avango tribe at the souvenir market in the town of Okahandja.
  2. Get in October to the analogue of the famous German festival, your own Namibian Octoberfest, and drink a local foamy drink, the best varieties: Windhoek Lager, Tafel Lager, Windhoek Export, Windhoek Special and Windhoek Light and Das (Pilsner).

Entertainment and attractions of Windhoek

The main attractions of the capital include the “Ink Palace” (Tintenpalast), where the Parliament is now located, the neo-Gothic Church of Jesus (Christ Church) built in 1896, as well as the Old Fortress (Alte Feste), the Presidential Palace and the National Theater, the Exhibition of Meteorites on the Post- Street and numerous picturesque mansions in the German style.

Gamsberg Pass

The Gamsberg Pass, a colorful and interesting tourist route towards the Atlantic, is located southwest of Windhoek and runs through the Namib Desert along the Kuiseb River. Overcoming this path will give a lot of discoveries.


You can get acquainted with clumsy, funny birds at the Ombo ostrich farm in the town of Okahandja, which is located 70 km to the north. Also of interest is the local missionary church, which has long turned into a historical monument, the graves of the leaders of the Herero tribe, the Von Bach resort area, where you can watch baboons, and, of course, the Gross-Barmen thermal springs..

Daan-Viljun Reserve

A local safari is another way to saturate your vacation in a mysterious African country with emotions. Therefore, most tourists tend to get to Wundhoek, the starting point of all safari routes. The Daan-Viljun Nature Reserve, located 20 kilometers west of the center of Windhoek, is one of these. Meeting with mountain zebras, giraffes and wildebeest is guaranteed here.


The desert area of ​​Damaraland, filled with the romance of primordial wildness, is located southwest of Otchiwarongo. Mandatory for inspection: rock paintings (4-2 thousand years BC), erosional forms of Wingerklip, “Stone Forest” (a national reserve in which you can see trees petrified 300 million years ago), White Lady rocks dotted with ancient petroglyphs. Spitzkopp mountains (1728 m) and Pondox peak (1692 m). The latter, by the way, are ideal for mountaineering and trekking.

Night life

Despite the seeming tranquility, incendiary music often rumbles in the city at night, bars are open until dawn, and shopaholics from all over the world are constantly cashing out their credit cards in stores. Chez-Ntemba clubs, Thriller Club, Tower Bar and Lee Di Da dance floor enjoy special love of visitors.

By the way, alcohol in Wundhoek is sold only in specialized stores on weekdays until 17:00, until 13:00 on Saturday, and on Sundays, alas, these stores are closed.

Windhoek, Namibia