Zara and His Accusations of Plagiarism Coincidence or Recidivism?

by | June 4, 2017

Again an artist independent, small and little-known back to accusing Zara of plagiarism for copying their creations. Tuesday Bassen It is an illustrator who has been shown-like thing which are their logos to sell Zara. But it is not the first case that we have on the table of Inditex, or other low-cost brands “inspired” by the work of all kinds of creative. Let memory.

The drawings of Tuesday Bassen

Tuesday Bassen He put the case in the hands of his lawyer, with legal costs of $ 2000, and the responses obtained from Zara is inelegant: the reply says that few people would associate those designs to his name, since it is a small and well known artist and visits to the websites of Zara and Bershka There are million. Anyway she has already worked with brands such as Urban Outfitters, Adidas, Nike and Hello Holiday, so it is quite possible that know your drawings in Arteixo.

The little artists they can do little to a gigantic company with many more resources to defend such cases, or to sell the cheapest product. In addition in the case of small drawings such as pins or badges similarities can lead to misunderstandings, is it coincidence or a deliberate copy?.

Other previous charges

The case of the Californian Illustrator is not the only and many independent artists have teamed up to sell their “plagiarized” designs, as the only way to pay for the original and creative talent. In this website we can see designs of Tuesday, Juliette Malette, Adam J. Kurtz, Georgia Perry and many more.

A photo published by T H E S E A R E T H I N G S® (@thesearethings) 20 Jul, 2016 (s) 1:50 PDT

We are more accustomed to see the clones of the big brands Zara, and already not we take back the hands to the head, but the work of small artists seen violated Angers us more. In 2008 Zara already became embroiled in a scandal in the drawings of shirts too similar to a madrilenian artist.

And in the beginning of the boom in fashion blogs, We saw up to t-shirts with drawings based on photographs of well-known bloggers as they appeared in your blog in Pepe Jeans, Zara, Stradivarius, Bershka and Lefties, Although the best-known fashion bloggers have reached both prestige and means to defend your EU imagenq not us we have already returned to find cases.

Tuesday Bassen It is now disappointed and disheartened because a case so it can do little. It is a pity, because I don’t recognize your work and pay it to suppose both disbursement to a large company.

From Zara discussed us his stance on the matter:

The Group has the utmost respect for the individual creativity of artists and designers and takes very seriously any issues related to intellectual property. Inditex has recently been contacted by lawyers Tuesday Bassen, who claimed authorship of illustrations that appear on some acquired patches to suppliers on the premise of holding the rights necessary for your marketing. Having knowledge of this application, the company immediately opened an investigation into the case and suspended the sale of those items to analyze the case. The legal team of Inditex is in contact with lawyers Tuesday Bassen to clarify and resolve the situation as soon as possible.

It seems to be at least the case in study, which is always positive.