Zara Opened in a CorunA The Store More Wow from Spain

by | June 19, 2017

Inditex has chosen to play at home for the inauguration of the the flagship store in Spain of its brand of reference, Zara (at least until it opens new store of the brand in the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid). But for the opening morning of A Coruña you have chosen, and will be the culmination to the project to bring Spain, XXL stores after the success which has already opened in the Fifth Avenue of New York nothing more and nothing less than four years.

In the project of A Coruna, it testarán some of the innovations that Inditex presented at the general shareholders meeting of July. Pablo Isla, President of the company, stated in 2013 which for most emblematic shops would be to look for larger surfaces, trying to take the brand image «to another dimension».

Tent XXL

A Coruña shop occupies an area of 4.950 square metres, distributed in basement, low and six plants (although two of them and the underground will not public access). Duplicates as well on surface to the largest in Spain so far, located in Madrid’s Serrano Street. Inditex rehabilitated for work four buildings, between Compostela and Sanchez Bregua, thus closing the circle of known as ‘Apple Inditex’. Although more than one block, it has become almost an entire neighborhood, with flagships of the brand in practically all major corners.

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Virtual testers

After the success of the testing phase which took place in the shop of San Sebastián (one of the biggest turnover of the brand in Spain), the new flagship of A Coruña will be the first to have virtual testers. Testers will have a tablet where the items that the customer is testing, will be loaded after it scanned its barcode to access the locker room area. In case that the customer wants to request another size, color or even a model similar to that being tested, It will be a shop worker who took him to the tester no need to go out and look for it yourself.

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In addition to the time savings that will result, to avoid that the customer exit and between tester to find new options, Inditex also It has set up this system to try to prevent theft, Since, with the scanning of all products passed to the tester (both entering and leaving), will be much more controlled items.

Mobile payment

Payment via mobile phone is one of the novelties that Inditex has wanted to introduce in its stores this year. The new flagship Zara will open with this system tomorrow, September 1, precisely the same day that operating in all stores in the rest of Spain.

More La Coruña store of Inditex

One of the few details on the inside of the Megastore that Inditex has hinted before the official opening has been the Galician traditional character of the decoration. The ground floor as a sort of gallery that connects the two streets has been. In fact, the architect responsible for the rehabilitation, Elsa Urquijo, known as ‘street’ this ground floor. The building maintains the Galician granite walls and recovers the most characteristic feature of the coruñesa architecture, in the form of Gallery Windows.

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Starting tomorrow, the store will be open to the public and will result in a first step in the new policy of macrotiendas of Inditex, that it will be expanded in the coming months with the opening of the flagships of Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona and Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid.